Together Forever

happy early and belated birthdays, Cheryl and angel. This is my last one. I want you two to know that youre my bestest friends ever and no one can ever take us apart.

Chapter 1

Together Forever

We've been together forever.
We thought, "When will we lose each other? Never."
Growing together, bit by bit.
Life was fun as we knew it.
One day, loving one another.
The next, fighting worse than sister and brother.
Time went by so fast,
I wish it could last.
Teasing each other was fun,
But hatred there was none.
The three of us, we sometimes fought.
Though, in it, we found the love, peace, and unity we sought.
Now, apart is what we are.
Still we are near not far
One by one, we said our goodbyes,
Yet we will never sever those ties.
Someday, the three of us will meet once more
For we are together to the core.
A team is what we will always be:
Cheryl as wisdom, Angel as hope, and I as serenity


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