For Cheryl and Angel

happy early and belated birthday!!!
I love you both and will see you soon ^.^

Chapter 1

Forever Remember

I remember the days when we were young
The days of laughter and play
The days full of fun and pranks
The days of wiping tears away.

I remember when a smile was just enough
When everything was simple
When you were not so tough
When every time you laughed, I poked your left dimple
When you would chase me down and poke me back

I remember the pain we shared
The fears we had 
The sadness we bared
The times we got mad
The days we couldn't help but being sad

I remember the sound of your laugh
The smile on your face
The words of your mouth
The sound of your voice

I remember the tear-stained cheeks
The pain in your eyes 
The fear on your face
The shaking of your steps

I remember that last day
When fate called for us to each go our own separate ways
When we cried and cried
When nothing helped no matter how hard we tried

I remember our final hugs
When we didn't want to say goodbye
When we promised we would meet again
When we wiped each other's tears away for a final time

I remember your final words to me
Telling me to always smile and be happy
Telling me that you'd always be my big sister
Telling me that you'll always protect me
You had told me to forever remember these memories.


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