Got bored.

Chapter 1


A-Available: Mhmm.
B-Birthday: June 16th.
C-Crushing on: Not saying.
D-Drink you last had: Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade..the turkey hill kind <3
E-Easiest person to talk to: Probably my brother.
F-Fave song: I have really been liking Nothing by The Script lately.
G-Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?: Gummy Bears for sho (:
H-Home State: Currently in PA, but Maryland is where the heart is (:
I-In love with someone?: Don't know.
J-Jailed: noppe(:
K-Killed someone: ummm no haha.
L-Longest car ride: 8 hours?
M-Milkshake flavor?: Chocolatee(:
N-Number of siblings: 2.
O-One wish: World Peace i guess.
P-Person that called you last: Jackie (liljew792)
Q-Quibblo's best person: Idkk haha.
R-Reason to smile: my best friend (:
S-Song you last sung: Miss Me by Drake (:
T-Time you woke up: Opened eyes-5;25, Got up-6:16
U-Underwear color: Innapropriate? but blue.
V-Vegetable- Taters (:
W-Worst Habit: Too many haha.
X-X-Ray's you have had: Like, when i went to the dentist they did xrays of my teeth?
Y-Uhh, 3 years and 2 months?
Z-Zodiac sign- Gemini.

Random questions:
Spell your names without vowels: Lrn.
What color do you wear the most: Grey or Blue.
Least favorite color: Don't treally have one.
What are you listening to: Youtube, When i'm gone by Eminem.
Whats your favorite class in school: History.
When do you start back at school: Already started (:
Are you out going out with someone: Nahh.
Favorite pair of shoes: Black Low-Top Converses (:
Can you dance: If by dance you mean flail around, then yes (:
Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth: Never tried.
Can you whistle: Yes!
Cross your eyes: Yes!
Walk with your toes curled: Noot sure.

Do you believe in life on other planets: YES. (:
Do you believe in miracles: Yeah, i guess.
Do you believe in magic: Ever heard of harry potter?(:
Love at first sight: maybe.
Do u believe in santa: Course (:
Do you like rollercoasters: DUHH.
Have you ever been on a plane: noppe.
Have you ever asked someone out: Don't think so.
Have you ever been asked out by someone: Yeah.
Have you ever been to the ocean: Favortie place in the world (:
Have you almost drowned in the ocean: surprisingly, yes.
Temperature outside: Like freakin 20 degrees.
Radio station you listen to: 96.9 sometimes, country station, 99.3.
Last thing you bought: Don't remember.
Last TV show you watched: Chiefs & Chargers game.
Who was the last person you took a picture of: me in my costumme (:
Ever cried your heart out: Yeah, few times.
Ever cried on a friends shoulder: Probably.
Cried over the opposite gender: Yes indeed.
Cry when you get an injury: Sometimes.
Do songs make you cry: Yes. Yes they do.
Are you a happy person: Usually.
Current hair color: Light brown, hoping to change that sooon (:
What are you wearing: Cardigan, jeans, under garments haha socks and a t-shirt (:
Short or long hair: Long i guess.
Eye Color: Hazel, green when i cry.
Height: 5'3, 5'4?

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