Logan Lerman love story

You don't watch a lot of tv but when u go to LA for 2 months and get lost away from your family 3 hours into the day,you meet a boy named Logan and have no idea who he really is......

Chapter 1

Intro of the characters

Well u no who Logan is-( Percy Jackson, from the 3 muskateers and hoot

Suzie- dirty blonde hair, electric blue eyes, kind, caring , smart 14 years old
Suzies step dad, Dwayne- brown spiky hair, more of a dad than her real one
Suzies real dad, Dave- brown short kind of curly hair
Suzies step mom- Samara- red straight hair
Suzies mom- ( Sam)- blonde hair and green eyes, same personality as suzie
Suzies sister, olive-( of nine years old, red dyed hair,blue eyes,bit of temper
Suzies baby sister, Maggie( of Dave and Samara) 3 years,curly blonde hair,blue
Suzies step brother, Trevor- short blonde haired, kinda nerdy, ten years old
Suzies step sister, regan- 13 years old,long blonde hair, suzies like best friend

May- suzies non- related best friend, blonde haired

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