Brains, Cunning, & Quidditch (Hogwarts love story!)

Brains, Cunning, & Quidditch (Hogwarts love story!)

Yes yes, I know have another Harry Potter story going. But I decided I wanted to start another one, a more simple one. I decided to NOT make any of the main characters in HP main characters in my fanfic. But I AM making a few of the main characters in my story side characters from HP, and I'm making some up too.

So, i'm just hoping I can make it work :)

Chapter 3

Flying with the enemy, good or bad?

"I'm not so sure about this anymore," I said as I looked down at the ground below the tower.
"Hey, I let you use my parchment and quill. So you owe me, Hartson. And really, compared to what Draco or Blaise would pull in return, this is nothing," he said, grabbing his broom as the owl holding my letter disappeared from view in the night sky, and he locked the door back up.
"Yeah, well I didn't realize it would be this high," I said, shaking from head to toe as I turned back to him.
He laughed, almost evilly, "This is not high enough, to get above the forest we'll have to go about 2 or 3 times higher."
I groaned, "Please, you're killing me already."
He said nothing, but I could tell even through the dark he had his turn to roll his eyes.
"Come on, there aren't that many hours in the night, and I want sleep eventually. Get on," he commanded, motioning behind him as he mounted his broom.
I sighed, still feeling queazy, and slowly got behind him, grabbing hold of the bit of broom that was in between us.
"I'm read-", I started just before he kicked off, sending us shooting into the sky.
I nearly screamed (but then remembered we could still be heard), and moved my arms to wrap them around his torso, which I pulled myself closer to, and dug my head between his shoulder blades.
"Tell me when it's over," I moaned, digging my nails into him.
"You Ravenclaws are pansies," he simply said, his voice still steady.
Normally, I would protest, but under circumstances, he was right. I wasn't sure if I could get used to this in one week.
"Open your eyes," he told me as the broom slowed down to a steady pace.
"Uh uh," I shook my head against his shoulder.
"If you don't, I'll have to flip, and you might just fall," he said.
I quickly shot my head up, "Hey, you swore you wouldn't...."
It was beautiful, up in the night sky. The stars, the moon, it all seemed closer, like it bathed you in it's glow.
"It's amazing," I said in awe, loosening my grip on him.
"Told ya," he said cockily, flying us above the Black Lake, where there was a small lantern lit.
I could make out two people snogging near the edge of the lake, and it was obviously Draco and my sister, and I laughed, both of us were with Slytherins tonight, it seemed.
No, I'm not with this guy, he just bribed me into it. But it was worth it, definitely worth it.
"Still scared?" he asked me, as we flew over the Forbidden Forest.
"Not as much, I think. Only thing I'm scared of is you pushing me off or flipping," I said with brutal honesty, leaning my head onto his shoulder to look ahead, and he didn't even flinch when my chin made contact with his shoulder, and for a moment I forgot he was a Slytherin.
"So, Skye is your twin, and you're in separate houses?" he asked, as we flew lazily over the grounds.
I nodded against his shoulder, "The rest of my family is Slytherin, too, Pureblood and all. I'm the first one to not be, and it kinda blows. They all think I'm a freak. I bet you do too."
"My family is all Hufflepuff," he said, with no tinge of any feeling, ignoring my last comment.
"Hufflepuff? I thought you were related to Draco, and that you were pureblooded," I told him, surprised by his confession.
"Nope. Well, I am Pureblooded and related to him, but that doesn't just guarantee you a spot in Slytherin. But I hate most of my family, anyways," he told me, with a hint of bitterness.
I leaned a little more into him, "Yeah, I only really get along with Skye. Mum's bearable, but my fathers just like Draco. Pompous and full of himself. I swear my mum had an affair or something with us, neither of us are like him at all."
He laughed, "Then you have not seen Skye in the common room. She's as bad as Draco, if not worse. Must be why he dumped Parkinson for her, they're that alike."
I just exhaled, "She's at least lucky to have a life, boyfriend, fun. As a Ravenclaw, you'd think there'd be contentment, being the best of the best. But really, we're like you said, pansies. Like there's something missing..." trailed off.
Suddenly, a gust of wind hit us, and my hair came out of it's ponytail, falling all the way to my lower back.
My hair was one thing I was more proud of than my marks, and I did my best to keep it long and golden as possible, while Skye had just a shoulder length bob of the same color.
I leaned over Pucey's shoulder to look at him, "Thanks. For a Slytherin, you're not that bad."
He grinned at me, "Hey, want to try something?"
"Hm, long as it doesn't involve me dying," I said with a grin, which was so unlike me. But hey, it's my fourth year, and I wanted some fun.
He flashed me that sly, chesire smile again and his eyes sparkled as they met mine, "Hold on tight then, smart one."
I quickly wrapped my arms tightly around him again, but left my chin on his shoulder while we he edged the broom on faster and faster, turning around back to the lake. Draco and Skye were still there, snogging.
Adrian brought the broom down to the far shore of the lake, low enough I could touch the water, and I reached my hand out and felt the coolness of it rush through my fingers.
I laughed, not caring if Draco or my sister could hear me or not, "You do this every year, and never get caught?"
He nodded, "Yep, never. But I'm always alone, so this is a bit of a first for me too," he smiled.
"Well, I'm honored," I joked, as we flew above my sister and Malfoy. They had stopped snogging, but were looking up at us. I just hoped they wouldn't recognize us, or at least me. Little, strict, unlikely-to-do-this me.
"Well, want me to fly you back up to the Ravenclaw tower?" asked Adrian after a minute of just looking at the sky.
"You don't have to do that," I said hastily, "Just drop me off in the courtyard."
He shook his head defiantly, "Not a chance, Filch might catch us both,"
I pursed my lips, almost poutingly, "How will you get back to the dungeons, then?"
He laughed mischievously, "I have my ways."
I sighed and leaned on him again, "Fine, if you insist. Must be true, what they say."
"What's that?" he asked, looking back at me.
"Chivalry isn't dead." I laughed, "Though I thought that would be more of a Gryffindor thing."
"Hey, those guys aren't as great as they make them out to be." he said, pointedly.
"And you Slytherins must not be so cold-hearted as they make out then, huh?"
"Hey, I never said that." he pouted.
"Says the boy who has never committed a foul or cheated in Quidditch." I shot back, sticking out my tongue.
He blushed, "I can't help the bit of Hufflepuff blood I have...and you Ravenclaws must not be that big of a buzz kill, stick in the mud group, then."
"No, we are." I said lazily.
"Then why are you, the blandest of Ravenclaws-"
"Hey, I am NOT bland!"
"-Flying on a broom in the dead of night with a strange, Slytherin boy?" he asked, as we came up to the Ravenclaw tower.
"I don't know. Must be the bit of Slytherin blood I do have, trying to break free," I said, shrugging as he flew swiftly into one of the open windows at the top of the tower, right near the door to the common room. He landed us silently, and I untangled my arms from him.
"Well.." I mumbled off in the near dark, the only light the stars and moon from the window, making his skin seem paler, his hair and eyes darker, and his facial features more sharp.
"Well?" he asked.
"Um, thanks, again. It was the most fun I've ever had, and I needed to cut loose. Oh, and thanks for proving not all Slytherins are like Draco," I said, offering out my hand, for the third shake of the day.
He took my hand in his, and we shook, but this time I noticed the tenderness in his touch, and how his fingers lingered as we both pulled away slowly.
"No problem. Guess not being in Slytherin doesn't make you garbage, huh?" he said, running his hand smoothly through his brown hair.
"Who ever said it did?" I asked, smiling a little, "Well, goodnight, Adrian. It was fun, truly."
"" he said, and I turned to the common room door.
"Uh, Alice, wait." he said, grabbing my arm.
"What?" I asked, trying to avoid the butterflies coming to life in my stomach.
He leaned in close to me, and I gulped.
" one can know about this, ok? It just..would be wrong, ya know?" he said.
My stomach dropped, of course, this was how it should be, right?
"Yeah, I get it," I said solemnly, "Well, I need to go."
He let go of me and smiled, almost like it was forced, "Of course. Goodnight, smart-one."
"You too."
He got on his broom, and with one last look at me flew out of the window, my hopes still on his shoulder.

Authors Note Yes, I changed the title! I feel that the old one was just too...see through. So i changed it! :) Appreciate the feedback!

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