Brains, Cunning, & Quidditch (Hogwarts love story!)

Brains, Cunning, & Quidditch (Hogwarts love story!)

Yes yes, I know have another Harry Potter story going. But I decided I wanted to start another one, a more simple one. I decided to NOT make any of the main characters in HP main characters in my fanfic. But I AM making a few of the main characters in my story side characters from HP, and I'm making some up too.

So, i'm just hoping I can make it work :)

Chapter 2

Ravenclaws don't break rules, right?

"YOU playing QUIDDITCH!" hooted Valentina as we exited the Great Hall early, so she could cut my bangs.
"Yeah, I want to be a Chaser," I said with confidence, though I was unsure as she was. Roger Davies had told Dumbledore, who made the announcement, and a couple of Ravenclaw guys (nerdy, as most of them were) seemed eager to get on the team, since it was all girls (minus Davies).
"Alice, you haven't been on a broom since flying lessons first year," said Valentina.
"Well, I've read enough books on Quidditch to understand it, and since tryouts are next week I have time to train. Think we can get some other people to help?" I asked.
"Well, I could help you," said a voice from behind us.
I turned around, and there was Jessica Surrete, one of our fellow Ravenclaws. She was a year ahead of us, and a Beater for the team, last I knew.
"You'd help?" I asked, hoping it wasn't a joke.
"Of course! The only other people who want on are boys, and I'm perfectly fine with keeping Davies as the only guy on the team." she said, patting me on the back. It was obvious she had a little thing for him.
"I also know a couple of Gryffindor girls who might be willing to help," she turned us around and pointed them out to us as we walked up the stairs, "My friend, Nelly White, Keeper for Gryffindor, and Whitney Sommers, Chaser for Gryffindor." she said, pointing out a girl with dark curls, "Hey, NELLY, get over here, and bring Sommers with ya!"
Nelly is nice, but it's a wonder she didn't get into Slytherin. In our first year, she tricked me into giving her all my chocolate frog cards for some vanishing Leprechaun gold, and I hardly knew the Whitney girl.
"Ok, coming!"
They walked up to us, yawning a little.
After bargining, we made a deal with the two Gryffindors that we'd help them with their potions for 2 weeks, as long as they helped train me for one week before tryouts.
"Meet at the pitch tomorrow one hour after lessons finish," said Jessica, "I want to do my first day homework ASAP."
We all nodded, and parted ways, and Valentina scowled as Jessica skipped ahead of us, "Alice, why are you trusting those Gryffindors? They're bound to do something bad, just to win."
"Val, they have Potter as a Seeker, and he's the best I've ever seen. I'm just focusing on getting on the team first." I said, as we reached the Ravenclaw tower.
"I'm going to send Mum an owl, and ask for her to get me a Nimbus by tomorrow. She'd do it, I know. Wanting me to be good at something but books..." I rambled, as Valentina knocked the knocker, which asked it's riddle:
"What is in seasons, seconds, centuries and minutes but not in decades, years or days?"
"The letter N," I quickly answered before Valentina could even think.
The door creaked open, and Valentina headed in with a yawn, "Coming, Al?"
I shook my head, "Nah, I'm going to sneak into the owlery to send my mum that letter, I'll be back in at least an hour if Filch doesn't catch me," I said, with more bravado than I'm sure I had.
"Well, I'll wait up for you in our dorm, and we can cut your bangs then," she muttered, but I knew she'd fall asleep before her head hit the pillow, and I'd have to wait another day to have these annoying things out of my eyes.
"Be back soon," I grinned at her as the door shut. All the torches had went out, and the paintings were already to sleep.
Now, being a Ravenclaw, I hated breaking rules. But I DO have a Pure Blooded Slytherin family, and I had a goal of getting that broom to get on the team. And I'm going to do anything to get it. I WILL prove to Skye and everyone else I'm not some book nerd, that I can represent our house on more than just OWLS and NEWTS.
I walked quietly down the stairs back into the corridor with no light, not wanting to wake any paintings. Once I passed the corridor, however, I still dared not to turn it on. You never know when Filch and his cat may be sneaking around, trying to catch people like me out of bed.
I snuck down out of the main corridors, into the courtyard and paused for a minute, making sure there was no one there, then ran across it. I made my way to the door that would lead out of the side of the castle, up some stairs, and then to the owlery.
But the door was locked.
I grabbed my wand out of my pocket and muttered, "Alohomora," and the lock clicked open silently. I snuck out of the creaking door and shut it silently, then looked around.
I had never seen this part of the castle this late at night, the torches on the outside stairs all put out, and not a single light coming from the castle at all.
I said, out loud, "Lumos," and I could finally see where I was going, but I could also see, even with out the light, the beautiful stars in that Scottish sky, and I was amazed by their brightness.
As I looked near the owlery, there was something flying near it.
And no, before you can argue, it was NOT a bird.
It was a person on a broom, who had flown over the courtyard wall and up to the owlery, instead of walking like me. They landed at the top of the stairs, and looked back at me.
I quickly turned, and pulled at the door handle. It had locked again.
"Alohomora!" I said, louder than before, but it didn't unlock. I quickly flashed back to my memories of Hogwarts: A History, and remembered that all doors leading in and out of the castle were locked from the outside at night. I was stuck here until morning, and I'd be found and get detention.
Just the thought of getting in trouble made me want to double over and puke, but I just stood there, and looked back up at whoever had landed at the owlery. They were gone, obviously sending their letter.
I sighed, defeated, and walked up the stairs. At least I could still send Mum the letter.
When I reached the top, there was a broom leaning near the door to the owlery, which was also supposed to be locked, but was wide open. I could hear a few owls hooting silently, though most had gone out to hunt, deliver more letters, or were sleeping.
I peaked in, and there was one single lantern lit near a table. The person, I could now make out to be a boy, was leaning over it, scribbling down something on parchment.
I wandered in, then went to the table next to him, only to realize I forgot to bring a quill and parchment. For a Ravenclaw, I can be pretty stupid.
I looked over at the person next to me, seeing their face for the first time.
It was Adrian Pucey, the Slytherin Chaser.
He noticed me looking, and once he saw who I was, we both looked away.
I decided, rubbish, I may as well leave, so I turned and walked out.
"Wait," he said, still scribbling on his parchment for a second as I paused, then leaning back up and turning to look at me, "Why did you come here?"
I blinked, "To send a letter to my mum."
"Well, why are you leaving?"
"I forgot pen and parchment to write it," I said quietly.
"For a Ravenclaw, that's a pretty dumb move," he snickered.
He thought for a second, then motioned me over, "I have some spare parchment, I guess you can use it. But you have to do something for me," he said, grinning like any Slytherin would when they knew they had you hooked.
"Depends," I said, my hands at my hips.
"Go on a broom ride with me. It's kind of my tradition, taking a ride on the first night of school over the forrest and stuff," he said.
"Maybe I don't feel like getting pushed off a broom and falling to my death, Pucey," I spat.
"Well, you should accept because, 1: If you don't, I won't give you a ride back into the castle and you'll be caught, and 2: You won't get to join the Ravenclaw Quidditch team if you have detention that day, and 3: You won't get to write to your mum," he said, walking closer to me with each explanation until he was chest to chest with me, looking down at me, his breath, which smelt of pumpkin juice, slowly hitting my face.
He was right, I wouldn't be let on the team if I had detention, and if I couldn't send the owl to Mum, I wouldn't get my broom as soon as I'd like.
"Fine, but you have to promise not to kill me in any way what-so-ever," I said, pushing out my hand for the second time that day.
"I swear on my Slytherin pride, loyalty, and honor," he said, taking my hand, and squeezed it and let go to roll up his letter and give it to an owl.
"What honor do Slytherins have, besides to being jerks?" I thought to myself as he shot me that somewhat cute, sly grin in the lamp light, not knowing how much I wanted to punch him in the face at that moment.

Authors Notes: I'm really hoping you all will like this story, since it's going to be so much more simple than my other one. I really appreciate the feedback, and I hope to speed things up with this story really soon! Love everyone who gave me characters for the story, and I can't wait until the day they are all used. You guys whomping to my willow! ~The Nerd

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