Bieber fans read (about Justin!!!) (hella important)

Bieber fans read (about Justin!!!) (hella important)

Mainly about the 'Baby' rumour

Chapter 1


So most of you have heard about that insane woman claming Justin is her babys dad. Well that is total BS.
Justin won't like me saying this but he is a virgin. And he tells me everything and he seems to have missed out the part about having a baby.
He is really upset and the rumour has actually made him cry which upsets me because he is my big cousin I don't like him being upset or hurt.
He loves all of you and even if he doesn't notice all of you're tweets doesn't mean he loves you any less then the ones he notices.

For now Justins focusing on music and isn't marrying or planning babies anytime soon.

-Love Millie Bieber.
P.s do not mention this to him. He will kill me in my sleep! No joke


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