It's This Jealousy (My Darren Story with a TWIST!)

This is that story I started. It'll be really short compared to my other stories. I hope y'all like it! :D

Chapter 4

You Can Count On It.

I couldn't go anywhere without seeing Darren. He was all over campus. It felt like he was following me.
Then I realized we had a lot of classes together. A lot.
And he had all his friends. Joey, Brian, Walker, Jaime, Meredith, Bonnie, Lauren, Matt... Everyone.
I felt alone. So alone.
I mean, all my friends were taking Darren's side.
Well, Joey was nice. He would smile and say hi to me, but would usually sit with Darren.
What was I supposed to do?
I missed him, but no way was I going to beg him to take me back. If he wanted me, he would come and get me. ...Right? Right.
It's been two weeks since the break-up and I really, really, really, missed him.
Maybe I should just...
I have an idea!

English class was going to start in half an hour. I would have to get there at the opportune moment if I wanted my plan to work...
Joey always got there ten minutes before Darren. I was staking out, right outside the lecture hall. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Wait-- THERE!
I started walking, purposefully bumping into Joey.
"Oh! Sorry!" he said, smiling with that crooked jaw of his.
"No, it's my fault. I'm sorry," I smiled. "Uh, I was wondering...would you like to sit by me today?"
"Sure, Layla, that'd be nice." Joey's smile grew as I bit my lip and stood a little closer to him. "But, uh, do you think Darren would get mad? I mean, he's my frie--"
"Yeah, I know. But you're my friend, too, aren't you?"
It didn't take much of my pleading look to make him nod, "Of course!"
My plan is going perfectly.
"Well, come on, we can sit wherever you want!"
"Uh, let's sit where you usually do, yeah?"
I grabbed onto his arm like we were dating...which was the plan.
I was going to get Darren jealous and it would make him want me back.
You can count on it.

Joey's P.O.V.
What am I doing?
I can't do this to Darren.
Abort the mission! Abort! ABORT!
I can't.
I've waited for Layla to notice me since we were freshmen. I missed my chance to get her.
It seemed like yesterday when Darren had been smiling and told me, "You know Layla, right? Well, I finally asked her out! She said yes!"
My whole world seemed to crumble. I really liked her, but I didn't say anything because I didn't think I could get her.
So I can't just tell her to buzz off. I like her. A lot.
I have for the longest time.
And now I can't have her without having guilty feelings because of Darren.
I mean, when I heard they broke up, I tried to be sad, but inside, I was jumping up for joy.
Layla Christine Thorne was gorgeous and perfect and I was always jealous of Darren for getting her when I just stood around, wishing.
But now, she's paying attention to me. She's talking to me. She may even be flirting with me.
She could be my girlfriend in a matter of days.
You can count on it.

Darren's P.O.V.
I've decided.
I will get Liv back to myself.
I missed her, I wanted her, and I needed her. I love her.
And nothing is going to get in my way of taking her back.
You can count on it.

~~~~ So, to recap...
Layla's a biitch who was dating Darren and then they broke up because she's jealous. Joey's liked Layla for a really long time, but didn't say anything because Darren started dating her. Now, Layla is trying to get Darren jealous so he can take her back by using Joey.
And that's what you missed;)
Love, Geena~~~~

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