It's This Jealousy (My Darren Story with a TWIST!)

This is that story I started. It'll be really short compared to my other stories. I hope y'all like it! :D

Chapter 1

The Start of a Problem

"Hey!" My boyfriend, Darren Criss, yelled to me, running towards me across campus. "Guess what?!"
"What?" I smiled at his dorky hair and adorable smile.
"Remember that Potter musical we talked about and I auditioned for?!"
"I remember." How could I forget? It was the only thing he would talk about for weeks. If I wasn't so busy, I would've tried out, too...
"Well, I got a role! Your favorite..."
Darren's face fell. "Your other favorite?"
"Uh, other, other favorite?"
"You're playing Ron?"
"Okay, your favorite non-Weasley!"
"Oh, you're playing Luna?" I smiled, now knowing who he meant. "I know, I know. Harry?! You got the lead?!"
"YES!" He hugged me, lifting me off my feet for a split second, and then kissed me quickly. "I'm so excited!"
"Should be! I knew you'd get a great part." I smiled at my boyfriend as he took my hand and walked me to our English class.
"I thought I failed the audition, Liv..." He told me.
I rolled my eyes; partly at his crazy 'I didn't do well' attitude and partly at his nickname for me. My name is Layla Thorne. How he got Liv from Layla? George Harrison was married to Olivia Arias. Eric Clapton wrote a song called Layla about Harrison's first wife, Pattie. That's the song I was named after. So, this huge round-a-bout way was how I got my nickname. Insane, right? Right.
"I doubt you failed your audition, Mr. Criss." Our professor interrupted us, glaring at our hands intertwined. "I heard about your role. Congratulations."

Darren was a perfect Harry.
I was sitting front and center, opening night.
"Uh, I'm the boy who lived, not died. Duh..."
I giggled and Darren made quick eye contact with me and smiled a bit more genuinely than he had been for his role as the cocky, self-absorbed version of Harry Potter.
Although I knew most of the songs because he wrote them and sang them non-stop, trying to perfect them, it was even more...magical seeing it on stage. I smiled and laughed through the whole show.
Well, not the whole show.
At the Yule Ball he kissed "Ginny". Jaime Lyn Beatty was playing her.
Playing her.
She didn't actually want to kiss Darren!
.... Did she?
Ha, no! Jaime's a friend!
Not a close one, though...
Did she want Darren?
Wait... She did seem to talk to him a lot.
Layla Christine Thorne, you are jealous!
Nah, I'm not. I'm right. Jaime wants to steal my boyfriend away from me.
Oh, he broke the kiss.
I think I can get over a stage kiss...maybe...

Oh, how I was wrong. At the end, they were full on making out.
I wanted to cry.
Actually, I wanted to rip Jaime's head off, then cry.
But I had to put on a brave face to go see him.
I guess they were going to greet the fans, sign some things, no big deal.
I didn't think it was, at least...
Some girls were crowding around Darren, and he was all smiles. I marched over there, ignoring the other cast members, my friends.
"Darren!" I smiled and hugged him.
He kissed the side of my head. "Hey, babe. How'd you like the show?"
"You were incredible."
"Thank you! Liv, can I finish up with these girls? I'll find you in five minutes."
"I swear."
Ten minutes later, he was still with those girls...

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