NEED CHARACTERS!!! (For a HP love story) read intro

Yep, doing another HP love story, but I need characters! Please read entire thing! Will be deleted once I get all the characters needed.

Chapter 1


The main girl is going to be in her third or fourth year, and not related to any main characters. I would like some completely made up characters (none related to Potter, Weasley, Riddle, etc) since its going to take place like the book does, but the main characters in the series will be VERY FAR side characters, and I plan on using some of the characters barely mentioned in the books in my story.

So, heres what I'd like you to fill out (in the comments below, please) and you may need to use more than one comment, and are welcomed to make up to 3 characters!:
House and Year (note: not all can be the same exact year or house as her):
Blood Status (not a big deal, but necessary):
Relationship with main character (If I get tons that say "bff" I may make some just friends or friends of friends, etc. i would also like an older brother or sister or two, maybe a cousin):
Relationship Status (&with whom, if one. Note I'd prefer you DIDNT make them date a main character, it would make things less typical. You're welcome to make up their crush or bf/gf too! But if you don't, i will either make one up myself or use a side character.)
Can be found:


(This is the main character!)
Name: Alice (Emerald) Hartston
House & Year: Ravenclaw, 3rd Year
Blood Status: Pureblood, 3rd cousin of Ron Weasley on moms side, but doesn't care about blood status
Looks: curly auburn hair that goes half a foot below her shoulders, dark emerald green/hazel eyes, slightly curvy, normal height, glasses, doesn't care about fashion.
Relationship w/main: IS main, has a twin sister in Slytherin that she looks hardly anything like, but shares a love of music with. (ALREADY TAKEN)
Personality: Quiet, chooses words carefully, VERY smart and reads/writes all the time. Not popular, prefers the library. Very reserved, but talkative around her friends & family. Has friends in all houses, even a few Slytherin girls. Loves music and gives very good advice, but rarely follows it. Gets bullied by Slytherin boys at times, but chooses to ignore it.
Relationship Status: Single and doesn't care.
Can be found: reading in the library, the Ravenclaw common room, or singing quietly through the corridors.

Another character (who IS in the HP series, but mentioned hardly ever, so making most of it up)

Name: Adrian (Michael) Pucey
House & Year: Slytherin, 3rd yr.
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Looks: Tall, athletic, short-like brown hair, dark brown eyes, called "cute' by girls in every house.
Relationship with main: Same year at Hogwarts, share several classes, bullies her with fellow Slytherins at times.
Personality: Can be vain and self obsessed, though never cheats (ever) in Quiditch, wizard chess, or anything else (for some unknown reason), likes to hang around Draco Malfoy and tease people in other houses. Has a soft spot, however, when people cry or need help.
Relationship Status: Single, but likes to sweet talk Ravenclaw girls into doing his homework.
Can be found: On the Quidditch field, playing his position as Chaser, or in the halls/common room with his fellow Slytherins.

You don't have to make yours as long as mine, since these are the main people. Just need some extras, and thought you'd like to pitch in! ;)


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