A Twisted Life of Betrayal

Chapter 1

How it Began

It was a foggy Wednesday morning, eerily silent. Sophia woke up only to fin no one home. She went downstairs, expecting her mother to be cooking breakfast in the kitchen and her father reading the newspaper on the kitchen table. But no one was there. Puzzled, she went upstairs and put on her coat and shoes, grabbed her house keys and her cell, and walked over to her aunt's house. About 5 minutes later, she reached the palace like house and knocked on the door. She waited for a few minutes and when she received no reply, Sophia went to the stone dog guarding the garden. She pressed his nose and the key came out on the dog's tongue. She opens the door and walks in, calling for her aunt. 

Sophia's POV 
"Okay. Now something is definitely wrong. Tita is usually in the kitchen making breakfast. And where's everyone else?," I thought out aloud.
Sighing, I exit the house and lock the door. Instead of putting the the key back, I put it in my pocket. While walking along the garden's edge,  I decided  "maybe I'd be best if I told Scarlett about this." Not waiting for another moment to flee, I dial her number. 
"Hello! This is Scarlett. How may I help you?"
I spill it all out to her.
"... So now what should I do?" I asked her.
"Well, you have about an hour to get ready for school, so go ahead and get ready. I'll tell Mom and we'll come pick you up after we pick up Ethan, ok?" she said. "Actually, since Ethan lives about 2 blocks away from you, go to his house after you get ready and wait for me there. I gotta go now. Bye!!" She then hung up without hearing my reply.
Not knowing what else to do, I quietly went back home so that I could get dressed for school.

no ones POV
Little did Sophia know, a mysterious smirking figure was watching her. The mysterious man then slowly walked deeper into the depths of the neighboring woods and disappeared into thin air.

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