Almost Alike--How I Met My Sister (Harry Potter based, Original Character--story)

Group story by me and Hanfaifor!
About two girls who were fathered by Sirius Black and didn't know they were sisters.

Chapter 2

The Begining--Ariel

We had to meet in secret with McKinnon around. She and I had both met Sirius at the same time but Marlene had been much more of a flirt and she was acting very out of character when she tried to get him, and succeeded. I was more concerned with school and learning things that Hogwarts wouldn’t bother teaching us.
I was fascinated by the dark arts and didn’t care much for men at the time. I soon realized that Sirius seemed very unhappy with Marlene, probably because she has started to act like her true self again. That’s when Sirius began to notice me again, Scarlet Rose Camrey.
We began out talking at that point, just about the time we starting preparing to be done with school. He had told me he wanted to leave her but he couldn’t bring himself to do it because he knew she loved him, an d even though he wasn’t in love with her she still loved her. I cared about him too much to see him having to suffer with her. At the same time Marlene was still my friend, so I couldn’t do anything to her. Then again, who really needs friends when you have magic on your side?
All my training in the dark arts had won me favor with the DADA teacher as well as with the potion’s master at the time. I had been taught by this time, to make a very powerful love potion. As we all should know love potions do not create actual love, just a big obsession, but obsession was good enough for me. I had hoped that once the potion wore off he would be able to remember some of the feelings we had for me doing that time, and if not, it looked like I would have to use my knowledge of the unforgivable curses on him instead. It may have been a far fetched plan but it was better than just sitting here doing nothing.
We were celebrating our graduation from Hogwarts when I had finally gotten the guts to slip the potion into his drink. Marlene had left the party by this time for no apparently reason, probably to go sleep around with one of Sirius’ friends. Shortly after the potion had kicked in, along with his newfound obsession with me, he started to act just as I wanted him to, he was very…willing. It was fantastic the way he looked at me, the way he ran up to me proclaiming his love, words I had been waiting to hear for years. That night was the best night of my life. It was a very passionate, lustful, wonderful night. When the potion wore off we were in the middle of it all, and knowing Sirius and his risky nature, he kept at it with a handsome devilish smile on his face. Luckily for me, he remembered the whole night, and decided one night wasn’t enough, and he wanted more of me.

It was now years later and we were still together, but sadly, so were Marlene and Sirius. I had no idea how we had managed to keep the secret, or why he had even bothered to stay with her, but that was his choice, I wouldn’t judge. This whole time had been wonderful for me, night after night we experienced the same thing we had the first time we had encountered like that, and it was a great thing…just like we were made perfectly for each other. For the ease of convenience I had moved next door to his best friend, James, in Godrick’s Hallow. Usually when he left Marlene to visit James he was able to come over to my place before or afterwards to spend some time with me, he called me his little stress reliever. Marlene was never as good to him as I was, and yet he still loved her, didn’t make sense to me. One day he called me up, sounding frantic with worry, he had told me Marlene had gotten pregnant.
This wouldn’t have been a problem, we could have continued on with our hidden life, but there was one problem that we had come across before. Just two months earlier I had found out that I was pregnant too. Not only that but we had also eloped, so legally we were married, once again why he stayed with Marlene was a mystery to me, maybe he was scared of her or something. He was married and expecting a child with me now and chances are that knowing Marlene she’ll be wanting commitment too…this was going to be troublesome. We had to figure something out. It looks like magic was going to be my best friend again soon.

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