Almost Alike--How I Met My Sister (Harry Potter based, Original Character--story)

Group story by me and Hanfaifor!
About two girls who were fathered by Sirius Black and didn't know they were sisters.

Chapter 1

How It All Began--Durfi.

It was a very ordinary day for the people in London. The sky was a cloudless blue, sleep-deprived people shuffled aimlessly and nothing was hardly out of the usual. Unfortunately, as fate has it, Sirius Black's day couldn't have been more devastating.

First, let me tell you about Sirius Black. Sirius Black was a normal person--as normal as you could be when you were a wizard--more or less. He had grey eyes, casually royal black hair that fell over his eyes and his own trademark smirk. Sirius Black was born to Walfburga and Orion Black--born under the legacy that Muggleborns (or mudbloods as he was taught) were filth and destroyed the magical world. Disbelieving this legacy, Sirius Black proceeded to deny the family line of Slytherins and went to Gryffindor. Upon being a Gryffindor, Sirius Black maintained a close friendship with three people--James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew--who became known as the Marauders in their school years.
However, by being a Gryffindor, his family had lost their love for him and was later disowned when he gave up and left to live with his best friend James Potter during their sixth year. On their seventh year, Sirius Black’s deceased uncle Alphard Black left him some money to fend for himself--thus getting blasted of the family tree as well. Sirius Black then created a subtle 'relationship' with a classmate called Marlene McKinnon, a choice that he had never regretted; until now.

This is a story about how a girl was born, how she was raised and how she was brought into the light, slowly. This is a story about Me, Durfi Grace Black.

Sirius Black woke to the sound of a loud, annoying voice.
He sat up groggily, lifting his weary, sleep-deprived eyes and looked around for the sound. Unsurprisingly, it was his girlfriend, Marlene McKinnon.

Marlene McKinnon was a perfect lady--she was absolutely beautiful. She had brown waist long hair that cascaded down in soft curls, shorter hair framing her oval face. Her eyes were a cold sea blue, but yet beautiful. Her figure was perfect--her waist line was superior and as many boys would agree--perfect curves. To everyone who knew her by her goddamn looks, she was a goddess. To everyone who knew the real Marlene McKinnon deep down, she was a bitch.
Unfortunately, to Sirius, she was a bitch too.

'Do you know how long I've been yelling at you to wake up? Mary's getting upset--she thinks we're not turning up, we're late! Again! Sirius do you ever think…' Sirius tuned her out--like he usually did--and slowly got out of bed.
'Mar, Mar--please, Mar will you listen?' It always happened; Marlene would rant on for ages and Sirius would try to talk her out but then--

There was a loud noise--a sound like a cannon being fired--and Marlene was suddenly on the floor, a blue scarf tied around her mouth. Sirius was standing above her, his wand pointed out and with a look of extreme frustration and amusement.

Something like this always happened.
Marlene was obviously fuming. If she was angry before it was nothing to do with what she was now. Ripping of the scarf from around her mouth, she huffed and stalked away into the bathroom, slamming the door angrily and a little too hardly.

Sirius sighed. James had told him this would happen--'the prettiest people do the nastiest things' was what he had said the day Sirius had declared Marlene and himself partners. James definitely had experience there--his long time crush Lily Evans had turned him down for six years--six years of showing off and a lot of asking out from James' part--and James had just about given up when she had finally decided to go on a date with James on the seventh year.

Grabbing random pieces of clothes, Sirius made his way down and entered the bathroom downstairs, since an angry Marlene was still occupying the bigger, better one upstairs.
Of all the Hogwarts girls he could choose from, Marlene had to be it. Marlene was very pretty--Sirius thought as he quickly tried to freshen up--but she had a messed up mind.

'Sirius! Where are you? Are you ready yet? Mary told me that…' Marlene's loud voice drifted down and Sirius rushed out of the bathroom.
'Yes, let's go,' he said, grabbing hold of Marlene's hand as he grabbed a mirror from the table and shoved it into his jeans.
There was a spasm of lung shrinking feelings and Sirius felt as though he was being pulled backwards into the darkness, he couldn't breathe…Merlin, he hated apparating.
In a few painful seconds, they had arrived at a beach house bathed in sunlight, the sound of waves in the background. They hurried towards the beach house, their sneakers digging into the deep sand vigorously.
They were at Mary's house.

Mary MacDonald was an average girl; possibly completely different from Marlene. She was pretty, but she wasn't stunning. She had brown hair that curled in awkward places though still pretty. Her eyes were brown and her figure wasn’t bad. To people who knew her by her looks, Mary was average. To people who knew the real Mary MacDonald, deep down, she was an angel.
And to Reginald Cattermole, she was an angel too.

Mary was getting married to her boyfriend of two years, Reginald Cattermole. She was to be Mary Elizabeth MacDonald--Cattermole, and Marlene was maid of honour. You see, Mary was genuinely happy that her best friend was going to be there, Reginald was pleased that a 'rather frustrating girl' would arrive, Marlene was excited about her best friend's marriage but Sirius couldn't care less.

Sirius didn't have to be here, Sirius could be at James Potter's house with his wife Lily Evans--Potter while they laughed over completely useless things. He could be over at Remus Lupin's place where they would both play wizard chess or Gobstones. He could be with Peter Pettigrew while they talked about anything that came to mind. Heck, he could be at home sleeping--or drinking, eating; it didn't really matter. Sirius figured he must have been seriously whipped--to go as far as this with a little bitch like that.
And so, being the irrational Sirius Orion Black that he is, he left.
Little did he know, that single, slightly innocent move was about to ruin his entire day…

Sirius Black had apparated to his best mate James Potter's house. There he stood, catching his breath and waited for someone to answer the knock on the door. Lily Potter answered it. She smiled.
'Hey, Padfoot, come in! James is in the living room,' she said as Sirius stepped inside.
The Potter house in Godric's Hollow wasn’t big and it wasn't tiny either. It was beautiful. There were four bedrooms; One for Lily and James; another for Harry--their 6 month old son--when he grows up; One for any friends who stayed over and another just there to make the house complete. Their living room was quite good. There was a black box like thing sitting on a cabinet-type desk. There were two armchairs, one large sofa and a tea table. It wasn't grand, but it wasn't horrible either. It was perfect.

'Hey, Pads!' James greeted Sirius.

Let me tell you something about Padfoot. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs--Remus, Peter, Sirius and James--were four best friends. Moony--Remus--was a werewolf, therefore getting his nickname Moony. Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs--Peter, Sirius and James--were illegal animagi--Wormtail was a rat, Padfoot was a dog and Prongs was a stag. Wormtail was named after his tail--which resembled a worm. Padfoot was named after the padded feet he had. Prongs was named after his prongs.
James Potter was married to his one and only love, Lily Evans, but that's a story for another time.

'Prongs mate, how's it going?' Sirius replied, as he sat down on one of the armchairs.
They chatted aimlessly about anything that came to mind.
Sirius could definitely agree that his day was awesome--but with the luck he had, he should have known it wasn't going to last.

It was around noon when Sirius finally returned to his apartment and even before he walked in, he knew he was going to regret leaving; Marlene, you see, wasn't the forgiving type.
Slowly he opened the door, trying to make the 'click' sound as quiet as possible.
It was dark.
He stepped lightly, making sure his feet made hardly any noise. Tiptoeing through the hall, Sirius made his way towards the stairs. It was then when he gave out a loud sigh.
And regretted it.
'WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?' Marlene yelled; flicking the light on.
Now in other circumstances, Sirius could have laughed because it looked like one of those moving muggle picture scenes, but right now, all he could do was sigh and listen to Marlene’s ranting.
'Why would you leave? We had so much planning to do and stuff--I was so tired and I was looking for you everywhere!' Marlene was near to spitting in his face with rage.
'Marlene. Listen, I left to Pro—James' place, okay? Am I not allowed to visit my friend's place?' Sirius inquired.
'Yes, but--If you do anything like that again, so help me I'll…'
'You'll what? Kick me out? Sorry, honey, this is my apartment, so I'm not the one getting kicked out.'
They fought. And they fought. It had come to the point where Sirius was pulling at his hair in frustration--something he had picked up from James--and Marlene was nearly in tears.
'Why do you always have to do that to me, Sirius?' Marlene’s voice had gone suddenly quite, eyes wet with unshed tears and mouth quivering as she spoke.
Maybe it was the way she said it, maybe it was the way she cried, maybe it was because Sirius was pretty sure he was in love with her even when she was like this; but Sirius gave in.
'What is it, Mar? Is there something bothering you?' he said, sitting down next to her on the couch where Marlene had curled up during the fight.
Sniffling, Marlene fixed her hair and wiped her tears. She pulled her dress down to make it straight and stood up. Sirius expected her to say something, but she didn't. She walked away, hands folded tightly against her chest--away to the kitchen. Sirius followed.

It was then one of those moments where the silence is not only heavy with awkwardness, but also with a feeling of dread. Sirius could feel it coming; something bad had happened.
And as Marlene turned to face him, tears streaking down her perfect face, Sirius could feel it. He could feel the angry sadness inside Marlene.
And that's when she said it.
'I'm pregnant.'

Hope you liked it! So now Hanfaifor is going to do her chapter...:)

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