How I Came To Love Michael Jackson!

so, I'm gonna write how I came to Love MJ and then pass it on to someone else and then they are gonna pass it down and we'll keep going that way okay??

Chapter 7

Music that changed me...

I was about 8 years old, and I went over my grandmother's house. I walked into her bedroom, and she was playing the "Billie Jean" music video on the computer. I asked her, "Granny, who is that?" She said "That's Michael Jackson."

My grandmother was, and still is, a big MJ fan, so she showed me his music videos, we listened to his music. Unfortunately, I became a fan of him AFTER he died. I cried when my grandmother told me he was dead, but to this day, I still love him. :')




-Mary(A.K.A Swagg ;)

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