How I Came To Love Michael Jackson!

so, I'm gonna write how I came to Love MJ and then pass it on to someone else and then they are gonna pass it down and we'll keep going that way okay??

Chapter 4

Sudden Death News & Million of Tears

I wasn't a fan of him & i remember when my mom used to play his songs i would say mom just cut this out & today i regret it totally. I saw his song in the closet in around 2005 for the first time but flipped the channel fastly.
On 25th of June 2009, i was just having my normal day when my friend texted me "hey do you know Michael Jackson died" & i said oh really okay & i turned on the tv. It was all in the news as to what could happen & many other stuff going on. My friend again texted me telling that i know you aren't going to cry & i said back ofcoarse not i don't even know him but i guess that's was my life's silliest saying cuz i cried a lot till three days. I couldn't keep my mind off from him, his eyes, his hands, his beautiful face. I started listening to him & felt he was so right in his ways. When i saw him moonwalking for the first ever time after his death i was mesmerized as a person cold be as talented as he is.
since that day , i made a promise to myself i'll not let him die in me. I'll always love him & take care of him & his message.
On 7th July, his memorial, the moment when Paris spoke about her daddy broke my heart & once again i started crying, i couldn't keep my mind of his kids, his siblings & he himself.
I remember on 3rd september i was going to school, when they were having their funeral, due to timezone difference i had to go without my heart wanted me to. When i came back i flipped through channels but couldn't find the moments but the same night i saw the ceremony taking place.
My friends always made fun of him by saying a million of different words calling him so called words & abusing him, i still couldn't take it, some day when i come back i start crying. How could they judge a person like him, a beautiful person inside out. He made me realize i am a beautiful person too, i am also doing my part in making this world better & i should keep the faith in myself. I admit that i've said to myself several nights
i can't believe they judged him so badly, no matter how he was in person but he was an angel i know. Wish i could meet him once in my life & say to him Thank you for everything you did for us.
Today the world do not have a beautiful, talented, precious angel with them but yet they still have his music his legacy which they could listen to, feel happier by. I love you Michael & will not let you go ever, you'll always stay with me...

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