How I Came To Love Michael Jackson!

so, I'm gonna write how I came to Love MJ and then pass it on to someone else and then they are gonna pass it down and we'll keep going that way okay??

Chapter 3

Death Aftermath and The Way You Make Me Feel

by: Icecreag
I was born in 96', so like michael's children and a lot of other people born near that time, i never got to see him perform. I remember in 3rd grade, almost the whole class was in this one room watching 'Free Willy' and i remember seeing the preview that said the video of him performing 'Will You Be There' was going to be after the credits, but it showed footage from 'You Are Not Alone'. There was still one person taking the TAKS test, and i was hoping that they would take all day so that i could see the performance and hear him sing, but we weren't able to finish the movie.

I remember when i was little, i would watch this videotape that i had called 'Rocking With The Chipmunks: Featuring Michael Jackson' and it shows a picture of him from Beat It.

I watched it, first was Smooth Criminal, then it was Beat It, and i was just in awe. I'll admit that one time when i watched it, i thought he was dead, but he hadn't even died yet, and now i feel horrible that i said it. In 2005, i remember seeing a little bit of him on t.v. for the trial, but i don't remember whether or not i said that he was innocent.

In 2009, i was a fan of Hannah Montana, so i didn't really listen to michael's music. I remember on June 25th, i was playing in a summer volleyball game, i don't remember whether or not we won, but i do remember the car ride home. There were some old songs on the radio and none of them were mj (mainly because we were listening to country music) and the newws didn't come on either. When i got home, i went to my bedroom and started taking my volleyball gear off, when i thought i had heard someone say 'michael jackson died', i immediately went to my grandparent's room, and as soon as i entered, my grandpa pointed to the t.v. and said 'him', i looked at the tv. and the newscast was showing footage of him announcing his This Is It tour. I then looked at the headline and listened to the t.v., and learned that he died.

I went into the living room and watched the special that they had for him, and i was just blown away. I went to bed that night saying 'wow, the world has really lost someone special.'

The next day i woke up, and i was hoping that the news of michael's passing had just been a bad dream, but it wasn't, it was real. The Early Show was on, and they were talking about him and showing footage of his videos. I went online and 'R.I.P. Michael Jackson' was all over internet pages. I went to youtube, and his videos were on the page where the sign in option is. I clicked on the video 'The Way You Make Me Feel' and watched it. I couldn't believe that a person this amazing, was gone. From that day on, i bought magazines that talked about his life and now his death. I listened to his music more and i bought a few books.

I bought a bag with him on it, and i remember my classmates giving me a hard time about me being a fan of him, but i didn't care. I was still a fan of Hannah though, so i decided to make a decision on who i shoud be a fan of, and i based my decision on whose music i was listening to more. I ended up with michael.
I remember one morning on the way to school, i was riding the bus and i said to myself 'I can't imagine a world without michael jackson' and i still can't.

Now everyday i think of him and his family. I feel bad for his children because they no longer have a father, and it's all because of murray. I always daydream about what it would be like if me and him were together, and i just feel so empty. I listen to everything carefully to see if michael is mentioned, or anything related to michael is mentioned. I miss him so much that i have depression now. Whenever i'm upset, i listen to his music, and i'm happier. I see his beautiful face and smile and i'm happier. I hear his laugh and his voice, and i'm happier. Everything about him makes me happy.

I wish i could say that i've always been a fan of him, but i know that's not true. I will never stop loving or being a fan of michael. I love him forever.

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