How I Came To Love Michael Jackson!

so, I'm gonna write how I came to Love MJ and then pass it on to someone else and then they are gonna pass it down and we'll keep going that way okay??

Chapter 2

MTV Sensation

I was only maybe three or four at the time. I was at my best friends house sitting on the floor in front of the TV. It was early in the morning. Only the parents were awake and they had left the room.
MTV was the channel they had left it on. I looked up at the screen, seeing Billie Jean. I remember wondering: Wow! He is a really good dancer. I like him.
Ever since then I listened to his music whenever it came on.
When I heard about the charges that were against him, I couldnt believe it. Being so young and even I knew, that someone like that couldn't and wouldn't do that.
My friends made fun of me liking him. Some would even say some things that were just way over the line. Statements like that usually got me riled up. Some of them ended with my fist in their face, because they would just not let it go.
When I got older, I would often get depressed, but found his music was an extreme comfort to me. And it still is.
From June 20th to June 26th I was at an ROTC summer camp in Jacksonville, Florida. We did activities in the blazing heat, making us tired. We were up at 5am and lights out were at 10pm. It was exhausting.
June 24th we had finished the obstacle course, gone swimming, and other exhausting activities under the midday sun.
10pm. Some of us usually stayed up and talked until we eventually fell asleep. The friends I had made there had fallen asleep by 12am. But I was still unable to sleep. I have had a problem with sleeping. Some nights I wouldn't sleep at all.
Not once that night did I ever fall asleep.
We had just gone to lunch the next day when I happened to look at the TV screen and see the headline that I always never wanted to see. Time went slow as my heart and soul shattered into a million pieces that could never be put back together right.
Michael's music brought peace to the world. It brought peace to many MJ fans. It brought peace to me. When he died a piece of my heart went with him.
Michael was the greatest person, singer, and humanitarian ever. He will always be remembered and loved for the person he was and the accomplishments he made.
Rest In Peace, Michael. I love you and I miss you.

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