my edition of ABC:)

my edition of ABC:)

i see everyone's doing this,
so i thought i would 2!
pls comment!!

Chapter 1


by: indiegirl
B-birthday:june 8,1995
C-crushing on:rob pattinson
D-drink I last had:non fat latte
E-easiest person to talk to:my bff
F-favorite song: "perfect sonnet" by bright eyes
G-gummy bears or gummy worms:neither really:/
H-hometown:i'm not telling;)lol
I-in love with somebody:we'll have to see how it goes;)
K-killed someone:NO[me:wtf?]
J-Jacob or Edward:def edward
L-longest car ride:3 days
M-milkshake flavor:vanilla
N-number of siblings:1
O-one wish:that i can have unlimited wishes
P-person that last called you:my dad lol
R-reason to smile:beautiful boys with crooked smiles
S-song you last sang:"driving in my car" by she and him
T-time you woke up:5:30am :'(
U-underwear color:red
V-veggie:i hate them all!
W-worst habit:nail biting
X-xrays you have had: 1 because i broke my arm
Y-years living where you live:since i was a baby
Z-zodiac sign:gemini


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