Where Love Stands, We Lie

This is gonna be written my me and Susanna_colinbird_356. Basically, we're combining our stories despite the story lines of each. LOL. Honestly, we probably won't be in each other's individual stories, but this one is different. Our characters will probably be in here, like my OCs and her OCs, but not in the individual stories, 'kay? Point gotten? Good. Let's start!

Chapter 1

Meet the "New Kid"

Cayco POV

"Do we really have to do this again?"
"What do you mean?" Soul asked squeezing my hand.
I giggled, "What do you think I mean you idiot? First, Mari and 'S' and now: Julia, or whatever her name is! I'm sick of it!" You should be! Shut up, and let her think on her own! Thank you. Don't sweat it.
"Well, Kid sure likes her so she can't be that bad."
I shot him a look as if to say, "...are you serious?" and we both started cracking up.
"Okay, maybe my choice in words wasn't the best," he smiled after we calmed down, "but we can't really do anything about it now... All we can do is get to know her or something like that."
"And pray that she's not insane," I laughed.
A few minutes later Kid walked up to us with the new girl tailing close behind him. "Hey Soul, Cayco,"
"'Sup?" Soul asked nonchalantly.
"Hey," I waved shyly staring at Julia.
Her black hair was pulled back into a high ponytail directly in the center of her head. Her blue jeans were held up by a silver and black belt with two chains hanging down from two of the belt loops at the top of her pants. She sighed walking up to Kid's side, "Hi..."
"So," Soul said, "you're the new kid everyone's been talking about?"
"Please don't give her the same greeting you gave me," Kid chuckled.
"Wh-?" she asked, startled. "What do you mean?"
"Don't worry," Soul smiled. "I won't."
"Wh-? Someone tell me!" she whined.
I laughed at rested my head on Soul's shoulder. "It's nothing you have to worry about. They're always like this..."
"Okay," she smiled at me putting her hand out. "I'm Jules."
"Cayco," I smiled shaking her hand with the hand that wasn't holding Soul's. Well, she's nice! More like needy. Shut up! She's great!


"Wow, Kid," Black Star laughed at me, "you meet a girl and you tell her to move in!"
I smiled and looked over at Jules talking to Cayco, Hiniku, and Kyoko. "Yeah, I guess I did."
"And her laugh! Good God!" he hunched over and started laughing. He slowly got up and rubbed the back of his neck. "That was the funniest laugh I've ever heard!"
Cayco waved at Jules and walked over to Soul who was leaning against the wall with his hands in the pockets of his yellow and black jacket. He smiled when she walked over and threw his arm over her shoulder. She beamed up at him as they started walking down the hall. Maybe I can..... No. Not even going to try. She wouldn't.
"Kid," Black Star repeated. "I'm over here."
"Oh, sorry," I sighed looking back at Black Star.
"Anyway, what are we gonna do?" he asked concerned.
"About?" I asked.
"Don't you know how to listen?" he sighed. "Excalibur! If Momo knows him, he's gonna be coming here often. Bad enough I have to deal with Blue Star, now Excalibur."
"What's up with Mai and you, anyway?" I asked skeptically.
"She's an...... old friend," he sighed, "and we didn't necessarily get along."
"Oh," I said understanding what he meant. So, Black Star has had a girlfriend then? I had to hold back a laugh for a second. That must be why he tried to keep it away from Soul.
"Well, what do you think of that new girl, anyway?" he shouted, obviously knowing that I knew what was really bugging him.
I paused for a second, then trying to stay as calm as possible said, "She's......... um... perfectly symmetrical," I sighed and walked away before he could respond.

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