2011 Quibblo Awards

No nominating yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

2011 Quibblo awards

The Catorgories are

Best Love Story: o Be A Career by Cato_and_Clove,

Best Profile Pic: XxKelly97xX,

Best Friend: lillianaathena,

Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizards of Waverly Place Love Stories by Prong,

Best Username: tacopengui7,

Harry Potter Love Story: My Harry Potter Fan Fic by lillianaathena,

Best Person: Chenziebelle

Best Sonamy Story: A Sonamy Love Story by Me,

Best MJ Story: Rock With Me ( A Michael Jackson Love Story) by TRUPYT

Best Justin Bieber Story:

If there anything I missed, tell me


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