Please read if you care about me at all


Chapter 1

My Cousin

ok wel yesterday apparently my cousin got in a car wreck and hit an electric pole head on and it split in half and half landed on her truck. She went to the hospital and the doctor said that they never saw anyone survive a crash like that...EVER, but she did. I found this out today and my mom explained that she claimed to have fallen asleep while driving. Today she planned on going to some huge party....yes after this happened yesterday! D: I just waz wondering if you guyz could keep her in your thoughtz and prayers to help her make better choices. It drives me nutz that I almost lost one of my best friends who iz also my cousin and I haven't seen her in more than a year. When my mom told me about the crash I thought she was going to tell me she died and when she said she was out of the hospital and ok I was relieved. Well, enough sadness...this is all I had to say just keep her in your thoughts/prayers for me if you could. It would make me feel a lot better.

Thank You...


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