The Outsiders Love Story

This is a series by Emilia(me) and Megan(megscade243).

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Everyone came to my house to get ready to go to the Nightly Double. Everyone was already ready when they came over, except me.
"Emilia, come one or we'll miss the movie!" Megan yelled.
"I'm hurryin', I'm hurryin'!" I moaned. I had to straighten my hair, and put on my gray hoodie, skinny jeans, and black high-top Converse. I'm not one of those girly girls, so I don't wear skirts or makeup, like every other girl does.
I walked downstairs, and sitting on the couch was Ponyboy, Megan, and Johnny.
"Y'all ready to go?" I said, as I put on my Converse.
"We were ready for half an hour!" Megan said, but she was joking.
I grinned and rolled my eyes.
My mom walked in from the kitchen, "Emilia, you have to be back by 12 a.m."
I sighed. "But it's a Saturday!" I complained, as I walked out the door.
It was pitch black outside, and it was only 9:30. We all walked to the Nightly Double, and we were going to watch the new Paul Newman we all wanted to see.
Ponyboy was giving me a piggy-back ride. Ponyboy is my best friend, besides Megan and Johnny, but Ponyboy didn't treat me like a best friend. He treated me how he did the guys, and I don't like when I'm peoples' guy friends, so the thought of it made me sad.
"Ponyboy let me down!" I laughed. I didn't like piggy-back rides, but they don't bother me when I don't have to do the walking. I'm pretty light for 14.
Ponyboy joked, "What's the magic word?"
I started pounding on his back, "Come on Pony!" He dropped me down, but I landed on my feet. I spit my tongue out at him, then he made a face at me.
"Guys, snap out of it! We're here," Johnny said. I guess he didn't know we were joking with each other.
We snuck in, because we didn't like paying for the movies, and we thought it was fun to sneak in. We sat at the chairs in the front, and we sat in the very first row, because we were excited about the movie. I was chowing down on popcorn, and I drank nearly the whole Pepsi before the movie even started.
Megan said sarcastically, "Well, I guess no popcorn for the rest of us."
Johhny and Ponyboy started laughing, but I just rolled my eyes and watched the movie.
The movie wasn't as great as I thought it would be. It was one of those cowboy movies, and I hated those so much. The rest of them thought it was a pretty good movie, and Megan and Johnny were talking the whole time. I always told Johnny that he should ask Megan out, but he said if he asks her out, I have to ask Pony out. I guess he didn't know Megan likes him, but she talks about him all the time when he's not around.
Johnny said, "Hey, where y'all headin'?"
"I dunno," I said. I could still stay out for another hour, but I don't know what to do. "I'll probably just go home and-"
Megan stopped me and said, "No! We still have awhile to do stuff! Let's go somewhere fun!"
We all shrugged. Ponyboy said, "Sure, I guess. Whattya have in mind?"
Megan grinned.

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