Time to Say Goodbye

I'm not deleting. This is something else. So to those who think I'm deleting, I'm not.

Chapter 1


I look at all of the past years.
The fun we had,
The pain in our tears.
I know it hurts and it is sad.
Believe me, I don't know what to do
But I'll do all I can to help you.
Only, it's time to say goodbye.

It's been fun,
But we are far from where we had begun.
Sisters is what we are
Hard to believe we've gone together this far.
All throughout life,
We've been together in our strife.
Only, it's time to say goodbye.

After all the things we shared
Along with all the pain we bared
The time we shared was great
But our departure is all part of fate.
Remembering those days will be something I'll love.
One thing I know is that you were a gift sent from above.
But, for now, it's time to say goodbye.


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