A Karate Kid Love Story

Chapter 1

Going On A Trip

I started packing my bags for my trip to Okinawa. I was going to take pictures of the culture there and scenery. I had to do it for a class at school. I didn't want to go at all.
"Why do I have to go and do this." I complained to my mom.
"Because it's for school and you will have fun anyway. I mean maybe you will even meet someone." She said smiling.
"Ma it's Okinawa it's small I don't really think so." I told her walking back to my room to finish packing.
I was almost finish I just had to put my cameras in their bags.
I got tired so I looked at some of the pictures I took from awhile ago and eventually drifted off to sleep.
The Next Day
I got up early to catch my flight. It turns out it wasn't early enough so I was rushing.
"See ya soon! Love you!" I said giving my mom a hug and kiss bye.
"Love you too and be safe." She said to me as I picked up my bags heading towards my cab.
"Always am!" I yelled smiling.
"Ohh and don't forget to call me!" She said. I nodded and hopped in the cab.
"Airport please." I said feeling rushed. I waved goodbye to my mom as the cab spun away.
It finally stopped at the airport.
"Thanks!" I said paying the cab driver.
I picked up my bags and headed inside. I got to my flight in time. Just as I walked back it was up next.
I went and sat down in my seat and stared out the window.
The plane went off and I stared at the clouds and colors in the sky. It looked almost gold. Too bad it couldn't stay like that all the time, I thought. I looked around the plane to see who was on it.
Then I saw a boy about my age who was sitting to an older man.
The old man made eye contact with me and looked like he smiled a little then looked back out the window.
I turned around and stared out the window again. I fell asleep and when I woke up the sun was just beginning to come up.
I looked back to where the boy was again. They were both asleep but I could see that he had a bag with what looked like a karate headband sticking out. I shrugged and tried to keep myself busy.
The sun finally came up and we were almost there.
The plane finally landed and I got a cab to take me to where I was staying. I looked at people using wheel barrows to wheel around their foods to sell. I looked at the ways of this culture. I was kind of was ready to take some pictures.
I got to my room and got out my camera to get started.
I walked outside and everyone said hi I guess knowing I was visiting. I took pictures of the ocean, people gardening, flowers, and other interseting things. I put my camera up to my eye and looked out and suddenly saw that boy and the old man. I put it down and started walking.
I stopped to take a picture of a few people. I turned around to find them standing there watching. I blushed embarrased and said hi.
"Hi I'm Mr. Miyagi and this is Daniel-San." The old man said smiling.
"Hi I'm Megan." I said smiling back.
"What are you doing"? Mr. Miyagi said looking at my camera.
"Ohh taking pictures for a class back at my school." I said.
"Ohhh. Well we be back later to see pictures if okay with you." He said.
"Yeah thats fine!" I lookede at the boy and he was pretty cute. He smiled at me and then walked off.
Maybe I will meet somebody after all.

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