Story Of My Life

Story Of My Life

-Chronic Blondeness
-Perverted Boys
-Gore (possibly...)
-Crazy Children
-Several Different References To Various Things
-Harry Potter
-Weasley Twins
-Blasts From The Past
-Hot British Dudes

Chapter 2

Airplanes Seriously Suck. -_-

"Hello," he says. Whoa! British accent alert! An old guy, long beard, wand, and a British accent? HOLY CRAP! Is it Dumbledore? But...we've already had Halloween. Like, second quarter. School's nearly out...
"I am Albus Dumbledore."

Most of us look lost, except for Laura, Miko, and Kailee, who have seen the movies and read a couple of the books. What the hell is "Albus Dumbledore" doing at our school?! We're all alone in a room with an old guy now...

"I have noticed that several of the students at this school–mostly eighth graders–possess a magical quality." Emma looks skeptical, Caroline confused, Ethan staring longingly at the wand, wanting to bang it all around and make all sorts of noise with it. "Do you not believe me? GraceAnne, come here."

I don't know why he singled me out–maybe I looked the most excited. Especially if this is going where I think. "Hold my wand, and say the first spell that comes to mind."

I grin, wave Dumbledore's wand–possibly the Elder Wand, I can't remember–and say, "Orchideous." A bouquet of flowers–from palest yellow to the most vibrant red–sprout from the wand. I hear the bell ring, signaling the day is over.

"I have baseball practice!" Warner exclaims, edging for the door.

"Don't worry. None of you have any sort of practice today."

"Yes! No softball!" Caroline and I yell at the same time, causing Emma to glare at us.

"It gets boring after a while," Caroline says, frowning.

"Besides, my arms are sore. Teach me how to pitch, teach me, teach me how to pitch," I sing to the tune of "Teach Me How To Dougie."

"Wait, is it just us?" Tyler asks.

"Well, GraceAnne's family is very magical. So her brother, too, can come. You all will start in your third year, Douglas in his sixth."

"But I don't know any magic!" Laura exclaims.

"I shall tutor you!" I proclaim majestically.

Emma snorts. "Please, since when can you teach us anything?"

"Since it has to do with Harry Potter," I retort.

"Fair point," Miko says, shrugging.

"One more thing. This happens during Harry's third year. No mentioning any books, fans, movies, or anything pertaining to Harry Potter around any wizards."

"That'll be a challenge for GraceAnne," Kailee says, rolling her eyes.

"But...but...ugh, fine! I can manage!" I decide, throwing my hands up.

With a loud crack, Dumbledore disappears. "Um...what was that?" Caroline asks.

"Apparition," I say, eyes wide, staring at the spot the greatest wizard of all time stood a moment before. "Holy shìt..." I murmur.

"GraceAnne! We do not swear here! This is a Christian building!" Warner yells louder than necessary. One of the office ladies comes in, looking surprised to see several eighth graders in the back room of the office.

"What are y'all doing back here?" she asks.

"Oh, well there was—"

I quickly clap my hand over Emma's mouth before she can finish. "Mrs. Weaver coffee slaves. Two creamers, one Splenda, or was it one creamer, two Splendas?"

Her eyebrows raise. "All of you? Getting coffee?"

"Oh, no, ma'am," I say quickly. "Just us," I say, gesturing to Emma and Miko, the people closest to me. "The others were...talking to Mr. Collins about what to expect in cross country next year."

Grabbing a half-full cup of coffee and a handful of creamers and sweeteners, I lead everyone out.

"What was that for?" Kailee asks gruffly.

"Precaution. We can't give away the entire Wizarding World!" I take a sip of the coffee, grimace, and dump a Splenda and a creamer in.

"You know, I bet someone drank out of that," Laura says, looking at the coffee.

I shrug. "Doesn't matter. It's mine now."

"Gross," Ethan says.

I whip my phone out and call my mom. "Mom? Yeah, hey. Can you pick me up? Softball was...canceled."

She agrees, and is on her way. "Wait, did you seriously believe that crap?" Warner asks, astounded. "Wow, you're gullible." I shove my bouquet of roses in his face for clarification.

"I. Made. Freakin'. Roses. Appear. Out. Of. Thin. Air," I say slowly. It sinks in. "Wait...whoa! I'm going to Hogwarts! I need to reread the entire series, watch all the movies, quiz myself with Harry Potter Scene It, take online quizzes to see what House I'll be in, buy tickets to London, pack, learn a bunch of spells, tutor y'all—"

"Why don't you prepare this much for exams?" Miko asks.

I take another sip of coffee. "Because exams are stupid. Harry Potter is cool." Several people snort at that comment. Bìtches. My mom's car pulls up next to the school, and I dash out. "Home!" I yell, running.

I leap in, and bombard my mother. "So Dumbledore was here and you'll never guess what? I'M A WITCH!! And I'm going to Hogwarts, and look, I made these roses with the Elder Wand and I'm going to be a third year and Douglas is going too and—"

"Slow down. What now?" I had been talking a million miles a minute. I repeat it for her, slower. After I say it, she snorts. "Did someone give you something I should know about?"

"No, no, no! Just you wait. I'll bet Douglas has something to say about it. And I bet there'll be owl post at our house sometime soon!"

"Whatever you say, sweetie," Mom says, speeding away.


"Hoot. Hoot." Ugh. Was that my dream? Was it my stupid alarm? I sit up in my bed. I nearly jump out of my skin when I see two bright eyes staring at me from outside my window.

Then my eyes brighten. "An owl! Do you have a letter, boy?" The owl glowers at me. "Girl?" I try. She coos appreciatively and taps on my window with her beak.

I manage to pry it open, and she drops the letter and sticks her leg out. "Oh,, I don't have wizard money..." What do owls eat? "...Do you want some Cheez-its?"

The owl seem to give a sigh of sorts, and flies off. "Sorry! Eat a mouse or bug or whatever for me!" I close my window, turn my lamp on, and skim through the letter.

You have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry blah, blah, blah. Below is the list for third year students. And so I read.
Standard Book of Spells, Volume Three
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Blah blah blah.

By the time I finish, I hear Mom moving around. I fly out of my room and shove the letter in her face.

"Look it, look it, look it!" I exclaim. She grabs it and reads it as a grin spreads over my face.


And, thus, my grand journey begins. For the next month remaining in school and most of summer, I quiz my friends on everything. They all fail pretty horribly, but whatever.

I remember how I convinced Emma to go.

"I'm not going to a stupid school in England!" she insisted.

"All right. But think for a minute. Where would you go?"

"England, dipstick."

"And what kind of accents do English people have?"


"And what is the sexiest accent on the entire planet?"

"British..." she admitted, blushing.

"So, if we go to Britland, you can meet a bunch of hot British guys with British accents."

"I suppose..."

The battle was won. "Perfect! Sayonara!"

And now, with my brother, Douglas, foolishly put in charge as our responsible adult, all ten of us cram into his car, and we drive to the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport.

As GSP is a small airport, we have to fly to Atlanta, from Atlanta to JFK, from JFK to London.

On top of all that, the thirty minute car ride there. Douglas is driving, Tyler, Miko, Warner, and Ethan are being crammed in the back, I'm in shotgun, and Laura, Emma, and Caroline are practically on top of each other.

Douglas and I are fairly comfortable. The others I can't say the same for. The flight from GSP to Atlanta was only thirty minutes, but Atlanta to JFK kept us occupied.

I sat with Laura, and we listened to our iPods, and played Robot Unicorn Attack and Tiny Wings. From JFK to London, I was with Caroline, and she was hyper. Like, seriously, I think the flight attendant spiked her Coke with extra sugar.

I am rather relieved now that we've made it to London. Emma is freaking out.

"My first step in a foreign country," she says as she places her foot in the airport.

"First step on different continent," I say, smiling. I'd been to Canada and Mexico before.

Douglas corrals us all in our terminal. "All right, munchkins! I am your official responsible adult for your England excursion! Mom and Dad are such suckers for letting me do this...anyway, we have a hotel to check in to, then school supplies to shop for!"

We cheer, and let him lead the way out of the airport. Thank the Lord the signs are in English...

Happy Halloween! Brother mentioned up above drove me to Walgreen's to get Halloween candy, and I saw RedVines. And might I just say, they are not as bad as many people seem to think they are. Not as good as Twizzler's, but pretty damn good for a knockoff.
Au revoir,

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