Story Of My Life

Story Of My Life

-Chronic Blondeness
-Perverted Boys
-Gore (possibly...)
-Crazy Children
-Several Different References To Various Things
-Harry Potter
-Weasley Twins
-Blasts From The Past
-Hot British Dudes

Chapter 13

Logic works...sometimes.

I listen to Black until he tells Harry that he is his godfather. I don't need to hear anything else. Everything is exact, except the events leading up to this.

Okay, so, if I want to find out if time travel was involved, I obviously need the date. Duh. I pull out my phone.

So...nope. Not time travel.

But was it really some change in plot? That wouldn't make sense at all...

Think, GraceAnne. Think about things that happened pre-Black in the book. See what's happening now...
Scabbers! I could ask Ron about Scabbers...somehow.

I walk around the Great Hall, acting like I'm looking for something. Then I run into Ron. Intentionally, of course.
"Ron! Hey, have you see my owl?" I ask.
"Oh. No. Sorry," he says.
"Oh, it's okay...I'll ask my brother. Hey, um, do you have an owl, cat, or rat?"
"Rat. Scabbers. He's in the dorm."
"Ah, okay, I was just curious," I say, walking away.

Well, that answers that. Or does it? Should I talk to someone else?

Yes. Yes. But who?

You know what? No. First, I'm going to look more into the current situation with Black. Everything is going according to the book, but there might be something I'm missing...

I decide it would be best to discuss this with Dumbledore. After all, he is a very wise professor. (Understatement of the century.) He'll certainly be of some help. He was working on the case, too, after all.

"Dumbledore!" I call, running up to him. I lower my voice once I get closer. "Have you figured out anything else yet? I pretty much eliminated the time travel theory but you can never be too certain, right?"

"I know what happened, GraceAnne. I know exactly what's happened," he says.
"What?" I ask eagerly.
"Don't get too excited, it's nothing special. I've concluded that it's all connected to Unfogging the Future. Someone messed with Proffesor Trelawney's crystal balls and made the future unclear. Black noticed and decided to come back now. It's as simple as that."
"Ack, I should have considered that!" I facepalm.
Emma laughs, "Yes, Gracie. LOGIC!"
"No, this is much more than logic—or I guess, lack of logic. Nobody has messed with Divination before, this was actually a bit of a shock..." Dumbledore sighs.

I wonder who did it. Wealseys? Maybe. Malfoy? It's sensible. Hmm.

"Hey, Emma, want to help me search for the culprit?" I ask, grinning.
"For fûck's sake, GraceAnne, it isn't that big of a deal," she guffaws. "But okay. Who do you suspect?"

"Malfoy. Fred. George."

"Of course...well, let's go talk to the Weasleys, then."

Sirius and Lupin still haven't moved. I find George and tap on his shoulder.
"So, I heard from...someone that...someone else messed with the Divination crystal ball. Was it you?"
He doesn't say anything, but he looks like he's stifling a laugh.
"Yup! I did. Why? How do you know? Is it really that clear?" he looks excited.

Shīt. I should have thought this through more.

I shake my head. "I overheard Professor Trelawney complaining about it. I dunno," I shrug, trying to look nonchalant.

Well, that certainly cleared things up. Maybe things will go back to normal now, maybe not.

I'm just happy to be here.

And…that's the end! I know the ending was kinda random and rushed, but I have absolutely no. ideas. WHATSOEVER. About what to do with this fanfic. So I decided to end it here and be lazy. Shítty and stupid, I know, but... Oh well. X3

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