The Mask (original story set in RPG setting)

I wrote this a while back, so...I just decided to revive it, because the first part would be easy. XD

Chapter 1

Life in the Depths

"Have you the weapon?" An impeccably calm voice began the conversation, its form a by now familiar glow of metallic purple essence.

"It is complete. I trust you'll fulfill your end?" another form spoke, and this one's essence…couldn't be made out. Underneath the base white veil there was…something. But nothing discernible.

"Of course. Our bargain is still set in stone, sir."

"Yes…" An expression was felt through the essence of the cloaked figure. "...just remember to keep it from getting to a wielder skilled enough to use it properly until it reaches…the right hands.

Arkaiun awoke to the usual sounds accompanying the start of his day--well, untranced anyway. He'd been awake the entire time in actuality, but to most of the Jadeborn here he'd been as still as a sleeper, and thus sleeping. He searched his surroundings for the familiar dim glow of his comrades, and there they lay.

A perfect way to begin… he thought. He quite enjoyed the company of his shard, or at least the red-green gleaming lines it made.

The first of his friends, a stocky compound of green and red himself, awoke second, uttering a jovial "G'morning, Hill lord!" Why're you up early?"

"I felt the need to monitor things." Arkaiun replied "There are some Hordes up ahead, by the way."

"Oh, I hate it when that happens…" Aeval replied. "So much killing…"

Aeval was a great deal different from his fellow warriors, as, well, he hated war. Moreso than any sane Jadeborn, almost to the point of….pacifism. But he trusted Arkaiun, who was pretty much the only who was able or willing to give him a chance to survive as a warrior.

"It'll end up the enemy or us." Arkaiun replied. "Look, you can wake the others up."

Swiftly, Aeval took to the distraction provided, telling the others to awaken with gusto. A white-glowing Jadeborn with blue sparkles spoke up "Did you have to send him to wake us, hill lord?"

"He awoke before you did, foot soldier. If all of you don't like it, you get up first."

Discussion on the matter presently ceased,, and Arkaiun looked into the earth.

"Hehehehehe….I found our fresh meat…" the form was a bit hard to make out, as it was set up on a black background as opposed to a white one, but the sheer…redness was visible. Their only notable features, in all cases. Their language was hard to understand, but ultimately he could discern the Flametongue roots.

"Where! WHERE?! I've been starved for ages!

"Down closer to Earth." The Hordeling's malicious glee was visible.

"They won't even know we're coming…perfect."

Within moments, the entire Jadeborn regiment was aware of the invading force, and Arkaiun had lined them with brilliant red essence. He didn't even need to speak the orders to his scouts, they could understand the gestures to go up ahead. After signaling the remaining forces to stay behind and trail them, he awaited the feeling of the scouts' pain.


About an hour later, the scouts had broken through the enemy lines, having found, well…nothing.

"I'm certain there's something we're missing…" An almost entirely blue-and-white glowing scout uttered.

"Maybe they're hiding. The hill lord said we'd find them here…" another scout, this one with a red glow with some sky-blue tinges, replied.

A burst of rock coming from beneath interrupted them, grabbing onto one of the scouts almost immediately after its exit. The black-and-white scout's essence hardened almost immediately as the white parts disappeared beneath the blue, and patterns starting shifting into place on her hands and eyes. She then almost instantly shot at the thing assailing them with her burning red flame pistol, causing the creature to reel in pain. It responded, however, by wildly lashing out at her with a tentacle, slamming her into the ground. Upon trying to swing her into a wall, though, she managed to whirl around and blast it again, this time in the head, causing the creature's essence to fizzle out. Unfortunately, most of the other scouts weren't having as great a time, and a tentacle soon grabbed her with much worse results. However, at this point three things happened: Geysers suddenly started bursting from the ceiling and ground, sending many of the creatures reeling yet again. Subsequently, Jadeborn appeared suddenly, rushing the creatures from all sides,

And last, though by far not least, Arkaiun arrived.

After spending less than a moment adjusting his Sight to the increased Fire in the area, he grabbed onto a tentacle lashing out at him, pulling the creature into his blade, then slamming them both into a swarm of others. After the explosion, he'd only knelt for a second before drawing a blade from the Earth itself, slashing at another tentacled thing, and then, for a second…not.

In the second that followed, however, that creature and its fellows were lying on the ground, nearly invisible to Arkaiun were it not for the white glow of the Earth around him and of his comrades making their background of black essence more noticeable.

"I'll get the wounded to the medics. You all, however, have done well. Go back and we can celebrate!" Arkaiun wasn't truly happy, but the veneer had to be adopted. Especially for Aeval. He himself went through the Earth to check up on him…


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