The Pokemon Adventures of Jake and Professor Rowan

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: Whizzeyes
In a region called Sinnoh there was a town called Twinleaf, which held a house where a boy called Jake lived. Jake loved Pokemon so he went to Professor Rowan to ask if he could get one. "Can I have a Turtwig?"
"No, we're all out."
"A Charmander?"
"How about a Piplup?"
"All out."
150 Pokemon later, Jake was in tears. But then he saw a shaking shoe on the chair behind Professor Rowan. "Hey, what's that?"
"Oh, a shoe pokemon. Level 1, with 1 HP and it knows only one move: Splash."
"I love it!"
"It'll die."
"I DOUBLY LOVE IT!" Jake ran up to the shoe, put it on his shoulder and walked off to Route 2. He went into long grass and a Starly appeared. It used Peck and the shoe died. Jake ran back to Rowan and sobbed and wailed about his Pokemon.
"I did warn you," Rowan said simply.
Jake had an idea. He pulled out a Pokeball and threw it at the professor. Rowan screamed but it was too late. He was trapped inside a ball and was becoming a Pokemon.
Jake yelled, "Rowan! I choose you!"
Rowan came out with a huge flash of light and squeaked, "Rowan! Rowan!"

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