A Sonamy Story Chapter 8

Sonic and Amy finally have their first date! Yay, will there date go out as plan or will someone ruin it! Find out!

Chapter 1

Sonic and Amy's First Date

Amy: (wakes up)
Sonic: Morning Ames
Amy: Morning Sonikku
Sonic: We are going on our first date tonight
Amy: Really that great!
Sonic: We are going to the Olive Garden restaruant
Amy: Really I heard that so fancy
Sonic: It has to be special for my girl
Amy: Awwwwww
Cream: (climbs through the window) Hi
Cream: You know I always come to say hi and good morning!
Amy: Now not the time
Cream: Oh I see (goes back out) Bye Sonic
Sonic: Bye Cream
Amy: I love Cream as a sister but sometimes, she can be a little annoying
Sonic: Amy she 6 she doesn't know any better!
Amy: Oh
Sonic: Yes and cream not annoying she awesome
Amy: Ok
Meanwhile at Tails House
Cream: We have to make Sonic and Amy first date special!
Tails: Ok, we have to get candles and lights
Cream: Lets go (grabs tails and goes get candles and lights)
Amy: Cream?!
Sonic: Tails?!
Amy: Where could they be?
Sonic: Idk, probably having fun together
Amy: They were so meant to be
Sonic: I know right!
Amy: (puts on a fancy dress) I love this dress
Sonic: (puts on a suit) Hopefully Amy likes this
Amy: (walks to the Olive Garden with Sonic)
Manager: Hi, How many seats
Sonic: That would be two please
Manager: Right away sir (shows them their seats)
Sonic and Amy: Thank you
Sonic: (pulls out a chair)
Amy: Thanks Sonikku (sits down)
Waitress: Hi Amy and Sonic
Amy: Cream is that you?
Cream: Yes
Amy: What are you doing here, I work here with Tails
Tails: Hey Sonic
Sonic: Hey Buddy
Cream: Ok, so whats your order
Sonic: I'll have the pasta
Cream: Ok!
Amy: I'll have salad and pasta
Cream: Coming right up, Tails make their order
Tails: Got it Cream! (goes to the kitchen to make the food)
Cream: Oh, do you want drinks
Amy: I'll have Orange Soda
Cream: Alright, what about you Sonic
Sonic: Mountain Dew
Cream: Of course! (goes get their drinks)
Tails: Here your food (gives them it)
Sonic: That was faster than me
Tails: I'm good at making food
Amy: (eats her food)
Sonic: (eats his food)
Cream: Here are your drinks (give them their drinks)
Tails: Let eat some of the desserts!
Cream: Yay desserts (goes in the kitchen with Tails)
Amy: This is nice Sonic
Sonic: It has to be because I love you
Amy: I love you 2
Sonic: (grabs Amy hand and goes on one knee) Amy Rose, will you marry me? (waits for her answer)
Amy: Yes Sonic (smiles)
Sonic: (puts the ring on her finger and kisses her)
Cream: Finished your food yet?
Amy and Sonic: Yes
Cream: (takes their food and goes into the kitchen and puts it in the sink)
Tails: Dessert?!
Amy and Sonic: Sure
Tails: Ok, we have chocolate mousse
Amy: I'll have chocolate mousse
Sonic: Same as her
Tail: Alright (gets the dessert)
Cream: The bill is free
Sonic: Really?
Cream: Yeah I had to beg for the manager to make it free
Amy: Thanks Cream!
Cream: No problem
Tails: Here are your desserts (gives them their desserts)
Amy: Thanks (eats her chocolate mousse)
Sonic: (eats his chocolate mousse)
Cream: Omg, are you engaged (smiles)
Amy: Yes!
Cream: Congrats
Sonic: Thanks


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