Krystilized (story)

Hello and welcome to the story of Krystilized, as written by Darth Pwnage. And in case you were wondered, yes, it is meant to be pronounced as crystallised (and the name Krystil is in no way a rip off Krystal from Star Fox...)

Krystilized is the emo story of an emo girl in an emo world with emo thoughts, emo music and pretty much emo everything because Imma overusing that word now that I've become semi-emo...


Chapter 1

The Monologue

Hi, my name is Krystil and I'm emo.

I bet you're wondering, why is this girl called Krystil so emo? Well you see, the thing is, I discovered the truth. Yes, the truth... The truth that the world really does suck. It's not like I had a horrible childhood or anything, my childhood was actually quite amazing and I long to have those days back, but... I'm emo now and life is just a load of shit so I don't see myself returning to my happy childhood self any time soon.

Before I go on any further, I should probably tell you that I'm not your stereotypical emo... Much. I don't wear emo clothes or have emo hair, nor do I constantly wear eye-liner that makes me look like a raccoon and I most certainly don't slit my wrists. I'm just a sad little lonely girl with no friends and no one single bastard gives a damn whether I live or die, but hey! That's life for you, it sucks!

You know, I've been telling you so much about how emo I am that I haven't really been telling you the basics about myself. I'm 16, I'm pale, I have shortish dark brown hair, I'm 165cm in height, slim and I'm a lesbian... Okay, well, I'm not actually a lesbian, but there's a few girls I know that make me wish I was one... drools
Ahem, anyway... Getting back to basics; I'm not pretty, I'm as fugly as hell which is one of the reasons why the world sucks, because it doesn't take too kindly to girls who don't look like Megan Fox. Screw her, I'd rather actually have talent than just be something nice to look at, girls aren't meant to just be some nicely carved statues that are easy on the eye y'know!

Sorry, ranted a bit there... I think that's about all you really need to know about little old emo me. Except, maybe you'd like to know more about my interests? My family life? My pets? ...I actually do have quite a few more things to say about myself. Well, I don't want to drag on, so I'll go over them all briefly...

My interests... Umm, can't say I have that many interests any more ever since I turned emo, but perhaps the biggest thing in my life keeping me sane and stopping me from cutting myself is music. I mean, everyone loves music right? And there's many songs that mean so much to me that make me feel better about being emo... sniffle Uh, anyway... There isn't really one specific genre of music that gets me going, I actually like almost all kinds of music. I think my favorite genre though would have to be rock, and of course rock's sub genres. I think the only genres I don't like are R'&B (don't get me started on Chris Brown) and metal, but only the kind of metal that has some old man's raspy voice saying 'grrrhhhh raaaughh rrrraaa ruuuugghhh' and not actually seeming to have any meaningful lyrics.

Right, now, my family life... My mother's a bitch and my dad's an ugly old man, that's all you really need to know... Okay, okay! Well to put it more plainly, my mom can be pretty nasty at times (long story) and my dad's usually always much nicer, but he's so old, it's creepy... My parents don't live together any more, actually, I don't think they ever did. You see, I'm even supposed to exist, I'm just some screwed up love child that was never meant to be until a one night stand.

As for my pets; I have a pet cat called Muffin, and that's about it. I used to have a lot of pets, mainly cats, but my mother decided to give them away to new homes. Old fat Muffin is the only one that survived ever being sent away. I believe he is a little over a decade old now and every time I look at him, I think to myself 'when are you going to die already you old fat asshole?!'

So, there we have it... I'm afraid I did drag on a bit, but that's me, my emo self and now you know everything - Well, almost everything, about me. But then I'm thinking, do you even care? You don't know me, right? Why should you even care about someone you don't know? ...Why are you even reading this, are you stupid or something...?

To be continued... Probably.


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