This is a slash of Draco M and Harry P. My sister and I are creating this but we can't do the group story thing so thanks to my sister, Team_PansyParkinson. Thanks for reading, Team_PansyParkinsons chapters are 1, 3 ,5 ,and 8. I write the rest now!

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

by: Gabby7777
Harry walked through the halls with his friends at his side, thinking about what he had told Draco the day before. He didn’t know why he was trying to help him by letting Draco know the real truth about his girlfriend, but he in a way, was glad he did. It was just Gryffindor instincts, he thought, to try to help people, whether they like it or not or whether it is someone he thinks deserves it. But something really seemed to bother him since he made that statement to Draco about hurting both himself and Pansy by dating her.

Why didn’t Malfoy say anything? I expected him to at least deny that I was right, or acknowledge I said something, but all I got was silence.

At first, he wondered whether or not it was because Draco knew he was right, so he wasn’t going to deny it. But Harry shook his head, figuring that wasn’t right, because Draco would never agree with what he said, even if he was right or not. It just wasn’t in Draco’s nature to do so.

“What were you and Malfoy arguing about, Harry? You two were talking the whole time during Potions yesterday.” Asked Hermione, looked at Harry, just now feeling the urge to ask Harry about that.

Ron nodded and he then said, “Yeah, you made Malfoy go all silent, I remember.” He and Hermione both looked at Harry, awaiting his answer to their question.

Harry shook his head and he then said, “Nothing important. Malfoy was just being his typical, arrogant self.” He didn’t really feel like discussing this right now. Plus, he felt another tingle in his scar, which had happened a lot lately, ever since Voldemort had been back.

But Draco really made him think though. Draco had been taunting him about not having a girlfriend, and Harry really had been wondering if he was the boy who lived and all that, and every girl in school seemed to be interested in him because of his fame, why didn’t he have a girlfriend like almost every other boy his age? Was it because he was too ugly? Too boring? Was he just too busy for it? Or was it because he wasn’t manly enough because he kept crying like Draco had said?

Harry had already asked out Cho Chang earlier that year, and she had said yes, but they only dated a little while before Cho decided that she missed Cedric Diggory too much so they had broken up a couple of weeks ago. Somehow, Harry wished that he was still alive so that Cho would stop her annoying crying that she did over him. But Harry also wished Cedric was alive, because he had been a good friend for someone who was his rival in the love for Cho. Harry had been pulling away from his friends for quite some time now, because of his depression over what was happening. No one believed him that Voldemort was alive, and that Cedric’s death wasn’t an accident.

Hermione nodded and she then said, “Okay then…if you say so, Harry.” She then looked like she was thinking for a moment, trying to contemplate whether or not something was up with Harry she was unaware of.

“What?” asked Harry, who was trying to figure out what Hermione was thinking while she looked at him with a thinking expression on her face.

“Do you feel okay, Harry? You’ve been rather quiet all day.” Hermione asked, looking at Harry with concern, Ron nodding in agreement to what Hermione had said.

Harry shook his head and he then said, “I have a headache. I’m going to go back to the tower. I’ll see you guys later.”

Then without another word, Harry put a hand on his head and walked back away from the hallway they were in and towards the Gryffindor Tower. His head really did hurt, but it was because of his scar, and nothing else. But he didn’t like telling people about that because everyone seemed so worried about him, and it just annoyed him just a bit. He was thankful for their concern, but he didn’t think that his scar hurting was that big of a deal. He never had.

As he was walking, he spotted Draco talking with Pansy Parkinson, and Harry raised an eyebrow in curiosity as to what was going on with them. Ever since Harry’s talk with Draco yesterday, he had been quite interested in Pansy’s relationship with Draco and the other way around as well.

Is Draco going to finally break up with her? If he is, it’s about time.

Harry’s thoughts were completely on those two within a split second. Harry ducked behind a statue somewhere near the wall in the empty hallway, and he peered over it to see what was going on with them. He cast a simple hearing charm on himself so that his hearing was better so he could overhear what Draco said to Pansy, and what she said to him.

“Pansy…I really need to tell you something.” Draco said nervously, looking at Pansy.

Draco knew that Harry was right about him and Pansy just hurting each other by being together. Draco knew for a bloody fact that Pansy only liked him for his looks and his family’s money and status in the wizard world. But what Harry really didn’t know was that Draco was betrothed to Pansy, so he didn’t have all that much of a choice. Mr. Lucius Malfoy, and Pansy’s father were best friends, therefore they came to agreement when Draco was born that when the two children were old enough, they were to be married.

But Draco also didn’t like Pansy, and he wasn’t exactly following too much of his father’s rules anymore anyways. He didn’t believe in them anymore, and he was becoming a man, therefore he was beginning to think on his own more and realize what he wanted. But he had to be cautious about how he told Pansy the news about them breaking up, because she could get bloody terrifying when she was angry, and Draco knew better.

“So then I told Daphne that she didn’t look fat in that tight dress, I just said that it looked cozy. Kind of like how someone says your home looks cozy when it’s way too small for their tastes…” Pansy said, rambling on as usual, not acknowledging Draco spoke at all.

Draco sighed and he then said, a bit more firmly this time, “Pansy, I said that I needed to talk to you about something.” He needed to get this done already.

“Wait your turn, Draco. I’m almost done with my story.” Pansy snapped at him, before she went back to rambling on about Daphne, some topic that Draco really didn’t care about at all.

“NO! I’ve been trying to tell you all bloody day!” Draco yelled at Pansy, at his wits end because he had to deal with her talking when he was trying to say this all day, like he mentioned to her.

Pansy widened her eyes, taken aback that Draco would yell at her like that, and she then said, “/Someone/ is a tad bit cranky. What is so bloody important that you can’t wait until I finish my story?” She folded her arms, and raised an eyebrow at Draco.

Draco opened his mouth to tell Pansy what he had been waiting all day to tell her, but he was immediately interrupted by the sound of Blaise’s voice from behind them. Draco’s expression went sour, because he had been waiting all day for this and Blaise had to go and ruin it.

“Hey! Pansy! Draco! Hope I’m not interrupting anything important. But we have Quidditch practice, Draco, so let’s go.” Blaise said, smiling, not even noticing Draco’s sour expression.

Pansy followed Blaise towards the Quidditch Pitch outside, and Draco reluctantly followed behind. Draco was pretty angry about not being able to get his chance to break up with Pansy, but he still felt some sort of need to thank Harry for his enlightening statement, but not right now. He still wasn’t so sure about thanking his worst enemy for something.

Harry had heard the whole conversation, and smiled a bit to himself, as he realized that maybe, just maybe he helped Draco a bit.

But why is Draco taking my advice? He never does that…and why…am I so happy about it? I shouldn’t care if he does or not.

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