This is a slash of Draco M and Harry P. My sister and I are creating this but we can't do the group story thing so thanks to my sister, Team_PansyParkinson. Thanks for reading, Team_PansyParkinsons chapters are 1, 3 ,5 ,and 8. I write the rest now!

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

by: Gabby7777
Harry woke up in the morning, his eyes red from crying to sleep again. He washed his face so Ron and Hermione won’t worry again.

“Wake up Ron or we’ll be late to Potions and you know how Snape is.” Harry said to Ron throwing a pillow at him.

“I’m up, I’m up.” Ron said sleepily.

“Go get ready or we’ll be late! “ Harry said glancing at the clock it said 9:30 am.
Then everyone was ready.

“There you guys are we’re going to be late!” Hermione said rushing to Potions class, not making it.

“You are late Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and Ms. Granger, twenty points from Gryffindor. Sit down. Today we are doing the Drought of Living Death. Today we are working in partners since this is a 6th year potion. Please go to page 195 and begin, you have till ten minutes to the bell. Oh and Mr. Potter I don’t want the trio working together so sit over there next to Mr. Malfoy, “ Professor Snape said.

Harry walked over to the empty table next to Draco to sit down.
Malfoy glared at Harry when he sat down and thought
Why did he have to pair Potter with me? I will get him for this…

“Well, Potter I guess we’ll just have to make this work cut all this up, Potter” Draco finally said handing Harry half the ingredients.

“Fine, Malfoy” Harry replied, cutting them up. Draco started putting them in one by one, and then started to stir it.

“Potter you been crying lately? You’re never going to get a girlfriend that way.” Draco smirked.

“Bugger off Malfoy; you don’t even have a girlfriend.” Harry said.

“Pansy Parkinson is my girlfriend, Potter. Where’s yours?” Draco replied.

“Parkinson does not count you don’t care about her, in fact you look like you avoid her.” Harry said rolling his eyes.

“Yes she does I’m going to marry her someday, Potter.” Draco said with some hope he wouldn’t have to in his eyes.

“Yeah sure, you will Malfoy.” Harry said.

“Well at least I have someone even if I don’t like them.” Draco smirked.

“Having no one is better having someone I don’t like.” Harry replied.

“Potter, I really don’t have a choice in marrying her.” Draco said.

“You know you’re just hurting yourself and her by dating her. You need someone you really like.” Harry said rolling his eyes.
Draco looked at Harry and thought He’s right but Malfoys don’t say that. Maybe we should just get back to the potion. Now that’s what I’m going to be thinking about all day.

“Malfoy?” Harry said after Draco didn’t make a smart remark back.

“What, Potter?” Draco asked after he was done thinking.

“Nothing you were just spacing out and the potion is going to burn.” Harry finished just as Professor Snape started talking.

“Ten minutes left. Your potion should be a prefect red now. Mr. Malfoy if you don’t take that potion off that fire it will burn.” Professor Snape said. Draco took the potion off the fire hoping it wasn’t that bad, because he was too busy fighting with Harry to pay attention to the potion. He quickly took it off and rapidly started throwing ingredients in to fix it ignoring Harry. Then he put in ingredients that Harry and most people didn’t know what it what it was.
“This should fix it…I hope. Otherwise my father will kill me for not beating Granger.” Draco thought.

BRRRRING, the timer went off just in time for Draco to throw the last ingredients in.

“Times up, class, leave your potion in the caldron otherwise it will burn right through everything. That means you Mr. Longbottom. Don’t leave until I grade your potion or you get a T.” Professor Snape said. Then he started grading potions.

“How did you get it to be green Mr. Longbottom? You get a T.” Professor Snape, “Very good Mr. Malfoy, you get an O.” Professor Snape glared at Harry after he said that.

“Wow that’s the first O he’s given me. It’s probably just because of Malfoy. Well at least I got an O,” Harry thought. Then Harry got his stuff and walked over to the Ron and Hermione waiting until Professor Snape gave them their grades so that they could go. Ron got an A and Hermione got an O as usual. But they were surprised that Harry got an O. They all decided that it was because he was paired with a Slytherin especially because it was Draco, Professor Snape’s favorite student.

“Well lets go we have Herbology next. We don’t want to be late again.” Harry said finally.

“Ok, Harry” Hermione said. Then they walked to Herbology.

“We are in Greenhouse three today.” Professor Sprout said, “Can anyone tell me what this plant does? Miss Granger?”

“They can attack people, have very expensive leaves, and are very dangerous.” Hermione said grinning.

“That’s correct. This green, spiky, toothsome plant with mobile vines is very dangerous so don’t do anything stupid. Today we are going to collect its leaves. No more than four people to a plant.” Professor Sprout.
Ron, Hermione, Harry and Neville were all in the same group.

“Put all of your protective gear on first because these are very dangerous plants.” Professor Sprout reminded them.

“No Ron you have to cut the leaves this way not that way.” Neville said to Ron showing the right way to cut them.

“Oh ok Neville, thanks” Ron said.

Then everyone went on the whole period doing that.

“Guys looks like the class is almost over, because todays the shorter Herbology.” Harry said

“Wow its already that time?” Hermione said.

“That’s all of our classes for today.” Ron said.

“Wow today went fast.” Harry said.

BBBRRRINGG the clock rang as all the students went out the door to go to their next class or there common room.

Well see you guys later, I have to go somewhere” Harry told his friends as he wondered off.

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