This is a slash of Draco M and Harry P. My sister and I are creating this but we can't do the group story thing so thanks to my sister, Team_PansyParkinson. Thanks for reading, Team_PansyParkinsons chapters are 1, 3 ,5 ,and 8. I write the rest now!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: Gabby7777
Glittering, gleaming, orange lanterns filled the Great Hall, as it came further and further into Halloween. It was late-October, and every boy and girl was excited about trick-or-treating through the halls, asking their Professors for candy, and they all were definitely excited about all the candy that they were allowed to eat. Well, they were excited about the candy their mothers and fathers sent them, and whether or not they ate it, was purely up to them. Some muggleborn witches and wizards were even explaining the concept of dressing up as “scary” creatures and various other things to the halfblood and pureblood population, since they were used to it, and the others weren’t. Overall, every boy and girl was excited about Halloween, as were the ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists of Hogwarts.

“Don’t you think that the Halloween feast seems to get better and better every year?” Ron asked his friend, Harry, glancing at him, just before shoving a piece of chicken into his mouth.

Harry shrugged and then said, “I guess so. I mean, the ghosts seem happy…though Halloween isn’t exactly my favourite holiday…” He sighed, and then went back to poking at his food, something he always did when his mood went down.

Ron gave Harry a bit of a curious look, trying to figure out what was letting him down all of a sudden. He had been like this all day, though. Harry always seemed to a bit depressed on Halloween. Though, Ron never understood why, and he knew better than to ask, because when Harry was upset, he knew better than to make it worse, because Harry had a bit of a temper that he didn’t exactly want to unleash.

“Ronald…just be quiet.” Hermione said, giving Ron a slight glare, as to letting him know not to talk about Halloween in front of Harry, even though everyone else thought it to be a grand old holiday.

“But…” Ron started to protest, but Hermione’s glare grew harsher, so he immediately shut his mouth from talking, and went back to eating his dinner.

Hermione went back to eating her dinner as well, and she also went back to explaining something they learned in Transfiguration to Neville and Ginny. Ron still didn’t understand that Harry didn’t particularly like Halloween because his parents were killed on October 31st, which was the day of Halloween. And nothing upset Harry more than discussing his dead parents. After all, he may have been acting okay about it in front of everyone else, but when it came to the truth, he cried about it almost every night. Everything was growing too hard for him, and the fact that Ron got chosen for prefect over him made it ten times even worse.

“Um…I’m going back to the common room. I’ll see you guy later.” Harry said quietly, excusing himself from the Gryffindor table.

Hermione went to go tell Harry that it was okay, and that Ron was too busy being a tad ignorant, but she thought better of it and nodded, waving goodbye to Harry as he walked out of the Great Hall. Ron went to apologize, but he followed what Hermione did instead, and held his tongue, not saying a word to Harry. Harry sighed, and then stuffed his hands in his pockets, slowly walking through the hall, trying to not start crying about his parents again. He had been doing it quite a lot lately, especially because he wished they were here to help him with all the pressure he had on him now.

I will not cry, I will not cry. Bloody hell, if anyone sees me start to cry it’s all over. I must be strong. They are counting on me, and if I start crying they’ll think I’m weak and I can’t do that. They depend on me.

Harry had plenty of thoughts, rushing through his head. His breath began to tremble, and he could feel the tears coming. He nearly slumped onto the floor, but he managed to hold himself up. He leaned against a bare wall, in an empty hallway and let his tears loose. He felt the hot, wet tears stream down his face as he thought of how he wished his parents were here, and that things would be so much easier if he wasn’t the one that had to kill Voldemort one day. He had been crying for about ten minutes, when his mind started up again with its typical thoughts.

Get your act together! What if someone sees you? What if---

Just then, Harry’s thoughts were cut off, because he thought he heard footsteps in the hallway. He began to use the sleeve of his robe to wipe his eyes, trying to calm himself down before whoever was walking in the hallways saw him. But then he just barely looked up, and he realized that the person he wanted to see the least in this sort of situation was standing, arms folded, right in front of him. He tried to not gasp in surprise that he was there, because truth was, he wasn’t all that surprised. Draco Malfoy always seemed to show up when he wanted him there the least.

“Ooh, scarhead didn’t get what he wanted? Is that why ickle Potter is crying?” Draco said in his drawling, mocking voice, rolling his eyes at Harry.

Harry glared at Draco, the best he could, but it didn’t look so good with his eyes puffy and red from the crying he had done. He then said to him, “Bugger off Malfoy, I’m not in the mood.”

It wasn’t like Harry could come up with anything different, since he was too embarrassed about being caught crying to do anything. He just wished that Draco would go away and that he could get to bed, and just cry himself to sleep, pretending this never happened so he could go back to living like he always did, pretending to be a happy-go-lucky Gryffindor.

Draco scoffed and he then said, “Oh please, Potter. This is just too good. You are crying like a baby, and not in the Great Hall, like you should be. I’m a prefect, therefore, I should be deducting points from you right now!” he gave Harry a bit of a devious smirk.

Harry just pushed passed him, and walked towards the common room, and he mumbled, “Go ahead…I don’t care.”

Harry then walked to the common room, and then up to the dormitories to go to bed. He really wasn’t in the mood for Draco’s childishness, and he was so tired. Though, his sudden behavior shocked Draco, and left him wondering what was wrong with Harry, because usually he put up some sort of fight. Not this time…and oddly enough…this worried Draco.

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