Claret Timberland [A Starkid-Type Story]

Claret Timberland [A Starkid-Type Story]

Hey guys! Yes! Its here! Alrighty, Ima try and make this story spectacular! Wish me luck! Comment, Rate, Favorite.... but most of all....

Or whatever the heck you peoples doo! :)

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Chapter 1

New Happenings

I strode past the adventure section of the libary. I don't know why, but for the past few weeks I've been just sucked into just about everything that had to do with adventure. Thats what I need, I guess, I need a new adventure in life. That's probably why I'm obsessed with these types of books. Mostly, I suppose, I need to be able to take on the world feeling like I can do just about anything.
Of course; strickly speaking, the last time I even tried to do that was when I turned eight. And where did I end up? Face first into the dirt. Literally. I tried to jump off the swing set and landed in the dirt. I started crying. Everyone else on the playground started laughing. Long story short, It wasn't a very pleasent experience.
Im not much of a... what would you call it? Erm. A confident person...
I'd say i'm more of a catapiller than a butterfly. I don't crawl into my cacoon and spread my wings until its time.... or a more correct way of saying it.... until I was forced to.
Thankfully for me, that doesn't happen very often.
But on those few occasions when I did have to spread my wings.. I pretty much got eaten by some kind of bird. Me and my similes. They get annoying after a while, but I love them.
'Clive Cussler, Captin Courageous, King Solomon's Mines, Last of the Mohicans, She, Teasure Island,'. I walked down the isle, my finger on the side of the book covers, mumbling the titles. "Wow, these books are really unorganized."
I took a step back from the books and looked around, examining each and every one. There has to be ONE story right for me.
I scanned through a few more times... but then, I saw it. I could tell it was an old book; from the way the cover was fading from its forest green to a old wanky color, and the fact that the pages seemed to be yellowing around the edges. I'd say it was about fifty years.
No matter how old it looked, I couldn't help but to be drawn to it. There was no title on the side of it... maybe it was on the cover?
Really the only problem is that its on the top shelf, and though I am taller than most of my friends, even this was too big for me.
I bit my lip. Should I climb on the shelfs? No, that would be a destruction of property.
Should I ask for help? No, that would mean talking to someone, which would ALSO mean putting myself in the open.
Alright, just reach for it Anna!
I breathed out and looked up at the book with a glare. I can do this. I can DO this.
I reached my arm up. "Errrgh!! Come on!!" I started stepping on my tippy toes. "All...most... THERE!" I reached until I started feeling like my arm was going to get ripped off, but still didn't stop. I was going to get this book no matter what! "Urrghh!"
"Um, need some help?" a low voice sounded from to the left of me. I put the heels of my feet on the ground and turned my head, my arm still reaching for the book.
There stood a extremely tall guy... I'd say 6'7 or so. He had dark hair and a pair of peircing brown eyes. I felt myself blush as I realized how stupid I must look. Although, that must not be surprising for other people... I am a blonde afterall.
I pulled my hand back quickly and flipped a strand of hair out of my face. "I.. Er.. Yes.. Please."
He smiled and stepped forward. "Which one?"
Dannng. His voice is DEEP.
I forced a small grin and pointed to the book. He reached his right arm out and grabbed it with no problem. This only made me blush more. I should have just asked for help! That way I wouldn't look like such an idiot in front of this cute guy!
He examined the book with a confused face. "Are you sure this is the one you want?"
I nodded.
"So I didn't grab the wrong one?"
"Er. No. I- I mean.. Thank you." He held out the book to me and I took it slowly.
I turned the book over. Nothing. No title or anything. Crap. Well I can't just put it back! He just now got it down for me! I looked back up at him and smiled. "Thanks..."
"No problem at all."
We started towards the front of the Libary. "So, what are you doing here on this fine afternoon?" he asked in a sort of a way to start a conversation.
I held up the book and tapped it two times. He scratched his head, embarresed.
"Oh right. Sorry, I forgot."
"Thats fine. Uh so..." I stopped and held out my hand. "Im Anna Dauby."
He shook it. "Jim Povolo. Pretty name by the way. Short for anything?"
We started walking as I blushed again. "I... Well yes, Anastasia."
He grinned. "Like that movie!"
I shrugged as we got to the checkout counter. "I guess."
The Libarian, Mrs. Hampton, came out from around the corner. She was a lady the age of 56, but never missed a beat. Sometimes I thought she was more energetic than me. She stopped when she saw me. "Oh Anna Dear! How good to see you again! Getting a new book I see?"
I laughed. "Hey Miss Hampton. Nice to see you again too." I held out the book. She took it grandly.
"What shall it be this time?" She took one look at the book and raised an eyebrow.
"What is it?" I questioned.
She looked back up at me with a small smile. "Nothing Dear. I just never saw this book before... But Im sure It just hasn't been checked out in a while." She picked up the book scanner and scanned the tag. Another raised eyebrow.
"Um... what is it this time?"
"The name doesn't seem to pop up in the system. Nevermind that. Just make sure you return it on time. Not like last time."
I gave a cheeky smile. "Sorry about that. Won't happen again I swear."
"I would hope not. Oh and Anna...." She pointed her long finger and pointed me closer. I leaned in. "Who is that young gentlemen you are with?"
I looked at Jim. I forgot he was even here. I glanced back at her and smiled. "No one Miss Hampton. I just met him."
She gave me a look and I rolled my eyes.
"Have a good day Miss Hampton." I called out as me and Jim started towards the door.
"You too dear, You too." she called back.
We walked outside the doors and stopped.
"Well... I guess this is goodbye for now?" I said awkwardly. He grinned.
"We could always exchange numbers. You can tell me what that mysterious book is about..."
I flcked a strand of hair out of my face again. "Sure."
We exchanged numbers and said goodbye, then we turned in the other direction and walked. I looked at the book in my hands. What was this book even about? I turned the cover open to the first page. It was blank. I turned it again. Blank. I flipped through all the pages quickly. Every single one blank. How strange. I tucked the book under my arm when I noticed my shoe untied, and bent down.
While on the floor I heard a small sound. 'Haaaashlaaabooo' A small tingle appeared from the book as I stood back up and took it from under my arm. I opened the book to the first page again.

'For the ones brave enough to venture into the forest.'

I opened to the next page in awe. The words appeared in a much darker forest green than the book cover itself.

'Claret Timberland'

Bumm bumm bumm! I had a sudden idea for this one. No idea how or why. But, here it is!! Oooh excitement! Enjoy people! This probable wont be much about the Starkids in general, just Jim Povolo and a few other people. Let my mysteries intertwine your brain. :)

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