Please read to help me save lives in Central Africa. :)

Chapter 1


I know it's not often that I post a journal, but I would REALLY appreciate it if you just took a few minutes out of your day to hear my plea. Alright, So I work with Invisible Children ( in helping protect and save children from being abducted, killed, etc. in Central Africa. This year, I've committed myself in raising money for the program to help pay for building schools, homes, etc. for the people there. People from ages 4 - 17 are being ABDUCTED and FORCED to join an army and HURT their loved ones, and this war needs to come to an end. PLEASE help me in my quest. All that I am trying to do is make someone's life better.

So, I figured that I could use one of my talents to raise money for this cause. That is ART. It wouldn't be super expensive, and if you would like to purchase or commission (that means give me an exact subject to draw) that would be WONDERFUL. Also, with a purchase or commission, I will throw in one FREE bracelet. You're probably thinking now 'What would I want some dumb bracelet for?' Well, the bracelet you would receive is make DIRECTLY from people who live in Central Africa who are/were affected by the war. It also comes with the story of the child/mother/father.

The prices go as followed:

Pencil Sketch ~ $5

Line art ~ $10

Ink and Colored Pencil ~ $15

Watercolor Painting ~ $20

Acrylic Painting ~ $25

Oil Painting ~ $35

100% OF THE MONEY WILL GO TO INVISIBLE CHILDREN. ALSO, you may be thinking, 'Wow, this must be a TOTAL rip-off! This chick probably can't even draw!' Well, I will soon have a running link where you can view my art. Once I have it running I will post it in the comments probably tomorrow. :)

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning me then you cant message me an artwork you would like OR what you would like me to draw and your address so that I can send the artwork to your home. I will give you MY address so you can send the money to me in an envelope that way. :) Thank you and good day. :)


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