The Worst Kind of Love (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Okay so this is my Draco Malfoy love story Ive been meaning to do for quite awhile! its toally different & doesnt really follow the books! All things Harry Potter belongs to my idol J.K. Rowling!! (: I really hope you enjoy this!! & PLEASE comment & give me feed back or tell me whatcha think!!!!! (:
Bloody love you all!!,

Chapter 3

A Wedding & a Night to Remember

Once we arrived at the port key I sighed Is this really necessary? I asked them as they grabbed hold of the book that was our port key. Yes! Now come on! Ginny said as she grabbed me pulling me down towards the book. I took hold of it & felt this weird sinking feeling as we warped & spun in the air, On three!, Hermione half shouted,One, two, three! We released the port key & went plummeting towards the earth. OOOPH! I grumbled as I slammed into the ground, Ginny & Hermione landing on top of me. Sorry! they both apologized as the got up from on top of me & helped me up from the ground. Its fineI replied as I dusted myself off,Next time I suggest we just apparate instead, its less painful. We all laughed & made our way through the woods towards our destination. So where are we going exactly? I asked them as we made our way farther into the woods. A campsite by the lake on the other side of these woods. Hermione said as she struggled to see in the darkness of the dense forest. I sighed, Lumos. I said growing overly frustrated at not being able to see where I was going. Ginny & Hermione followed suit & after awhile the trees began lessen & a large lake came into view. Finally! I exclaimed as I rushed towards the lake. As we got closer I noticed a small tent lit up about 500 yards away,Cmon! I shouted as we all rushed towards the quaint little tent. Please tell me you used an undetectable extension charm, I will have your head if we have to be cramped together all night! I said with a laugh as I entered the tent. It was beautiful inside & very large, Mum & dad let us use the tent from the Qudditch World Cup. Ginny said as we all went to claim our rooms for the night. After we moved our trunks into the rooms as well we met back in the large living room. So, what do we wanna do now? I asked plopping down on the large couch. Hermione sat next to me & Ginny on the floor. Well, I dont know Hermione said, What do we want to do? We all sat & thought for a minute. I have an idea, Ginny said after awhile, We could play I never like the muggle girls do in movies! Hermione & I happily agreed, Ill get the butter beer! Hermione shouted jumping up from the couch & running towards her room, * And Ill get the Firewhiskey!* I said excitedly as I raced to my suitcase. By the time I returned to the living room carrying two large bottles of firewhiskey Hermione had poured us all a glass of butter beer & Ginny had set us smaller glasses for the firewhiskey. Oh, I also have a surprise! Hermione said taking a bottle from behind her back, Whats that?! Ginny exclaimed excitedly, Hermione & I laughed at her unawareness of muggle things, Its called Tequila! Its muggle alcohol & its very strong! I explained excitedly. Oh! she replied excitedly suddenly eyeing the bottle. We laughed as we made a circle in the middle of the living room. Incendio Hermione said waving her wand towards the fireplace behind her which lit the room in a comfortable glow. Okay Ill go first! Hermione said eagerly, Ive never kissed someone I shouldnt! Ginny & I both took a large swig of firewhiskey. Ohmygoodness! Who?! she asked us shocked. I kissed Draco on a dare fourth year! I exclaimed regretfully Not while you were dating my brother I hope! Ginny exclaimed playfully, Of course not! I exclaimed with a laugh, It was down by the black lake! Ginny you were there two! Astoria invited us & we had no clue who would be there! And it was months before Fred & I started dating! We all began laughing. What about you Ginny? Hermione asked as I took a large sip of butter beer. Well you know that party Andy was talking about? Ginny asked us a bit nervously we nodded, Well I kissed Blaise Zabini on a dare! It was awful! She exclaimed as she finished her statement. I remember that! I shouted almost spilling my butter beer everywhere, You didnt! Hermione shouted completely shocked, Ginny just shook her head as she took a trial shot of tequila. Bloody hell thats strong! Ginny exclaimed after swallowing. Hermione & I laughed as we poured our own shots of Tequila & swallowing them quickly. We all laughed & returned to our game of I never. After hours of playing & a bottle of both tequila & firewhiskey we decided to go swimming in the lake. Ill race you! I screamed excitedly as we raced drunkenly down towards the dock. Once we reached the end we quickly stripped & dove into the water which was a bit cold. We swam & laughed for around an hour before we got out grabbed our clothes & stumbled towards the tent freezing the whole way there. Once back to the tent we changed into our Pjs & collapsed onto the couch where we decided to watch a movie on the muggle tv & movie player Hermione had brought with her. She put in the movie The Holiday which is a really good romantic comedy. We all settled down on the couches & eventually drifted to sleep.
Bloody hell my head hurts! I exclaimed as I rolled over groggily on the couch almost falling on the floor. Mine does too! Hermione exclaimed from the kitchen as I sat up on the couch. She had a bag of ice head to her head & was rubbing her temples. Bloody hell! Ginny grumbled as she too awoke from her drunken slumber. Does anyone remember anything from last night? Hermione asked as she brought us all a cup of something, Its a potion by the way, it should take care of our hangovers. I gratefully took the cup, That last thing I remember is us playing I never & it was Ginnys turn & she said shed never shagged anyone & I was the only one who took a swallow of my drink. I said ask I took a sip out of the cup Hermione gave me my headache clearing instantly. What?! Ginny & Hermione shouted at me. Please tell me it at least my brother & only my brother! Ginny exclaimed totally shocked. Bloody hell! Of course it was Fred! And dont act so shocked weve been together for over three years now! You cant have expected us to have stayed pure until after were married! I shouted surprised. Well I suppose not. Hermione said reasonably after a minute, I couldve gone forever without knowing that about you two. Ginny said taking another sip from her cup. I laughed, But then you two wouldnt be my best friends! They nodded in agreement & we all laughed a little. Shiz! Hermione exclaimed looking down at her watch, its only two hours until the wedding! We all jumped up rushing to get all of our stuff together. Once we had everything collected we met back in the living room where we all grabbed hold of each other & our things & apparated to the Burrow. Goodness girls! I was wondering when youd get here! Molly exclaimed as we appeared in front of her in the kitchen & rushed up the stairs to get ready. Ohmygod! You look beautiful! Hermione cried joyfully as she & Ginny finished preparing me for my wedding. I looked at myself in the mirror & I truly was quite beautiful. Freds eyes are gonna pop out of his head when he sees you! You really do look gorgeous! Ginny said as she hugged your shoulders, Im so excited to have you as my sister-in-law! I began to tear up. Oh! Ginny! Youre gonna make me cry! I said fanning my face. Hermione & Ginny both hugged me then, I love you guys! I dont know what Id do without the both of you! I said hugging them tighter as a single tear fell from my eyes. Oh Andy! We love you too! Our lives wouldnt be the same without you! Please dont cry! Hermione said removing the tear from my cheek with her thumb. There was a knock on the door as Molly entered, Oh look at you! You look absolutely beautiful! she said pulling me into a quick hug, Now come along! George is waiting to escort you down the isle! (George has to escort me since my parents recently went into hiding within the order since death eaters were after them) I quickly made my way out of the room & down the stairs towards where George stood waiting. You look beautiful he whispered taking my arm in his,Freds a lucky man! I laughed as Hermione escorted by Ron & Ginny escorted by Harry made their way down the isle, finally after they reached the end it was my turn. (Outfit: The music began & George & I slowly made our way down the isle as the crowd rose. I looked at Fred with the biggest smile plastered to my face, his mouth was hanging open & his eyes looked about to pop out of his head! He quickly regained his composure as I continued to make my way down the Isle. As we reached the end George handed me off to Fred & the ceremony began. It was very traditional & pleasant though took a bit to long in my opinion, it was so hard not to kiss him until we said I do! But once we finally did it was the happiest & best kiss of my life, I thought I might explode from love & happiness even after we separated & made our way to the reception for our first dance as husband & wife. We danced to the acoustic version of Arms by Christina Perri & it was absolutely perfect. We swayed back & forth & moved a little but I was perfectly content in Freds arms. I love you he whispered as he pulled me in for a quick kiss, And I love you I replied as we pulled away. The song ended & just as another began a roar of fear & screams arose as everyone rushed to get away. I turned in the direction everyone was coming from to see about a dozen death eaters setting various things on fire & cursing random guests. Suddenly someone plowed into me separating me from Fred. Fred! I screamed to him as he rushed towards me through the sea of people as I was drug farther & farther away from him. Suddenly I felt someone wrap their arm around my waist, I felt nauseous & I realized was standing in an unfamiliar house. I turned around to face whoever had grabbed me, it was a death eater! Managing to keep my composure I removed his masked & gasped as it fell to the floor, I was face to face with none other than Draco Malfoy.

I know its long but I hope you guys enjoyed it!!(: & see Dracos in this one just like I promised, well very vaguely but still in this chapter! lol & sorry for not posting for over a week! Ive been busy with lots of other stuff & stories! haha I hope this made up for it though! Well I hope you guys coment because I LOVE feedback from you guys!! Bloody love you all!
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