The Worst Kind of Love (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Okay so this is my Draco Malfoy love story Ive been meaning to do for quite awhile! its toally different & doesnt really follow the books! All things Harry Potter belongs to my idol J.K. Rowling!! (: I really hope you enjoy this!! & PLEASE comment & give me feed back or tell me whatcha think!!!!! (:
Bloody love you all!!,

Chapter 2

Just a Dream

Andy! Andy wake up! I heard a voice say faintly as I began to sob into Georges shoulder again, Andy! Fred?! I screamed realizing it could only be his voice, Fred?! Suddenly the whole scene disappeared & someone was shaking me violently screaming my name & it sounded like they were crying. Andy! Andy wake up! the voice said again shaking me once again. Fred I realized suddenly recognizing the voice. I opened my eyes finding his milky brown ones looking down at me. FRED! I yelled throwing my arms around him in happiness, YOURE ALIVE! I began to cry again, Hes alive! It was only a dream! Oh my goodness! I cant believe it! I thought elated at the fact that it was only a dream & Fred & I were in each others arms, right where we were meant to be! He looked at me puzzled, Why of course im hear! Why wouldnt I be? he said softly stroking my cheek. Instead of answering him I asked my own question, Promise me youll never leave me? Promise me you wont let anything happen to yourself? I begged him. He looked at me puzzled, Of course Ill never leave you! I love you more than anything! Im not going anywhere! And dont I always? he said in a sweet soothing voice. Im being serious Fred just promise me. I said putting my hand over the one he still held to my face & closing my eyes as a single tear fell. He wiped it away with his thumb, I promise you Andy I will stay with you forever & a lifetime & I wont let anything happen to me! I couldnt handle what Id put you through if either of these happened! I would rather take your place then put you through that! he said to me in a sweet yet pained voice. I opened my eyes to look at him but his were now closed. I took his face in my hands & waited until he opened his eyes to look at me before I spoke. I love you Fred Weasley more than anything. You are the beast thing thats ever happened to me. I said sweetly to him before I pressed my lips gently to his. It was sweet & loving & perfect. And I love you Andelynn Hastings with my whole heart & soul & I truly cannot wait to marry you the day after tomorrow. he said smiling at me & kissing me again. I smile at him as we pulled away & curled up close to him as he pulled me into his strong embrace. He kissed my head & whispered for me to go back to sleep which I happily did knowing he would be there when I woke up.
I sighed as I awoke, it seemed it had been mere seconds since I had fallen asleep cradled tightly in Freds arms. I turned to see him propped up on his arm gazingly lovingly down at me as he played with a piece of my fiery red hair much like his own. Goodmorning Love. Fred said smiling. Morning I said returning his smile before I sat up & pressed my lips to his for a sweet goodmorning kiss. Breakfast! Molly Weasley called from downstairs which followed by groups of feet racing down the stairs. We both laughed & pulled away jumping out of bed & heading down the stairs hand-in-hand. I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear as we reached the bottom steps, Morning! all the Weasleys, Harry, & Hermione said together as we entered the dining room. We laughed & bade them all goodmorning as we sat down at the table where Ron, Harry, & George were already stuffing their faces with food. Do they ever stop eating?! I asked Hermione who was across the table from me. Unfortunately no, I believe that would be to much to ask especially of Ron! she said giggling as we both looked at Ron who was shoving bacon, eggs, & toast into his mouth all at the same time. We both began to laugh at this & of how unaware he was of us watching him. The rest of breakfast was quite normal for the Weasley house. When I was finished I got up from the table, took out my wand to change for the day. (Outfit: Fred got up as well & we decided to take a walk & just hung out & it was a very lazy comfortable day. Later George & Ginny came out & asked us to play a mini game of Qudditch with them which we happily agreed to. We played for a few hour until Molly called us in for dinner, Fred & I cheered at our victory & raced inside for what was sure to be a delicious homemade dinner. Once we were finished eating Ginny & Hermione pulled me off to the side. Whats up? I asked them curiously. *Well seeing as you are getting married in the morning we are taking you camping seeing as Fred cannot see you until the wedding. I sighed, Oh cmon guys! Theres a war going on! Theres no reason to do this! I want to stay with Fred & I want us all to stay safe! I said concerned. Oh theres no need! Weve got it all sorted out & we are protected with magic so strong that not even Voldemort himself could find us if he wanted to! Hermione said reasoningly, And plus your stuff is already packed & there so go say goodbye to Fred so we can go! Hermione said as Ginny shoved me towards the living room where everyone was sitting. I sighed & walked up to Fred. He stood as I approached him obviously aware of where I was going already. I kissed him & turned to George & Ron & gave them a serious look, NO stripers or anything inappropriate that I would NOT approve of! I said to them sternly before I turned back to Fred, I love you & I will see you in the morning. DO NOT let Ron & George have their way! I said to him as he pulled me into a loving embrace. I love you too & I absolutely cannot wait to marry you tomorrow! I will do my very best but George & Ron may out number me. He said teasingly as he kissed sweetly. I deepend the kiss & then reluctantly pulled away before I made my way to Hermione & Ginny who were waiting for me impatiently by the door. I laughed & we made our way to the port key that was waiting for us.

Thank you guys for all the great comments!!! (: & I know Dracos still not in it yet but I promise you that within the next two chapters he will be!! You have my word!!! haha(: & thank you for readint this! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! Bloody love you all!(:
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