The Worst Kind of Love (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Okay so this is my Draco Malfoy love story Ive been meaning to do for quite awhile! its toally different & doesnt really follow the books! All things Harry Potter belongs to my idol J.K. Rowling!! (: I really hope you enjoy this!! & PLEASE comment & give me feed back or tell me whatcha think!!!!! (:
Bloody love you all!!,

Chapter 1

Your Worst Nightmare

Character Info:
Name: Andelynn Claire Hastings (aka Andy)
Year: 7th (same as Harry)
House: Gryffindor
Appearance: Red medium length curly/wavy hair with bangs, Bright Green eyes, quite short (about 5’2 or 5’3)
Personality: She is a very unique, individual person who is very loyal & caring about her friends & loved ones. She is also surprisingly feisty when need be & is very brave. She is proud to be a member of the Order of the Phoenix & is very deeply in love with her fiance Fred Weasley. She has her own individual sense of style & if asked will express her opinion & you dont have to like it.
Best Friends: The trio & ALL of the Weasleys & a few other Gryffindors.
Relationships: Has been dating Fred Weasley for the past 3 years, theyre now engaged & to be married soon.
Wand: 10 in. Willow with Dragon Heartstring core
Patronus: Phoenix
Other: Was born the same day as Fred & George just two years later. She has practically grown up with the Weasleys as her parents are best friends with Arthur & Molly & are also members of The Order of the Phoenix. She dropped out of Hogwarts this year to help the trio hunt down & destroy horecruxes & defeart the Dark Lord.

1. Your Worst Nightmare
Are you sure you have to go? I asked Fred sadly. Unfortunately yes, I do love. We have separate assignments from the order, but I promise we will not be apart long, only a few hours at the most, & we will only be in separate parts of the castle. he said playing with my hand he held as we stood hidden in a secret corridor of Hogwarts. I had a strange feeling this could be our last moment alone together, it made me very uneasy. I took his face between my hands & looked deeply into the chocolate brown eyes I have loved for so long, Promise me you wont leave me! Promise me youll be safe! I said in a shaky voice, as a tear slid down my cheek, my eyes showing him only a small amount of the fear I truly had. He placed his hands gently over mine & shushed me quietly. He brought his lips to mine in a wonderful yet soothing kiss, I relaxed just a little still looking up at him in worry,Im not going anywhere, he promised taking a hand off of mine & stroking my cheek gently,but even if I did, not even death could separate us for I will always be in your heart. Another tear fell from my eyes, but this time not in worry or fear, but out of love. I truly loved this boy with my entire heart & soul, he is everything to me. I just couldnt take the space between us (though it was little) & I lunged at him kissing him with as much love & passion as I could muster. His kiss alone was always breathtakingly wonderful, but this kiss was more, this kiss was one he wouldve given me if it were the last time wed ever see each other, though we both refused to consciously think it, it was the most passionate & loving kiss of my entire life & it completely took my breathe away as Fred pulled me even closer & tighter against him deepening the kiss as he pressed me roughly into the wall. My arms went around his neck, my hands knotting themselves in his hair. I broke the kiss to breathe & this alone left me starving for more as I finally brought his face back to mine. After several minutes the kisses began to become less urgent, but just passionate & more gentle. I love you Fred Weasley, with all my heart & soul. I said to him as we finally broke apart & I was released from my hold against the wall. As I love you, he said pulling me in for one final kiss,you are the love of my life, you are everything to me. Without you Andelynn I am nothing. he said looking deeply into my bright green eyes. I unwillingly broke away from his gaze taking his giant hand in my seemingly feeble one, walking out of the corridor to the courtyard, where with a kiss goodbye & a final I love you we went our separate ways. I sighed & rushed to find Hermione, Ron & Harry as Fred disappeared into the distance behind me. I had just found Hermione when I heard a huge explosion from behind me from the direction Fred had gone. FRED! I screamed as Hermione & I both raced as fast as we could towards the explosion. She got there before me freezing in her spot as she reached the wreckage the explosion had caused & turning to bury her face in Rons shoulder before he raced towards something in the pile. Terrified I raced even faster towards the wreckage. As I reached Hermione I realized she was sobbing, Hermione whats wrong?! What happened?! asked her petrified. I had a gut-wrenchingly terrible feeling in the pit of my stomache, she couldnt answer me, only pointed towards where Ron had run off to. I turned to see a group of people, mostly Weasleys surrounding a body. I raced towards the group, the worst fear Ive ever had in my life taking over. I was stopped just short of the group by George, I looked up at him & he was sobbing as well, George, wheres Fred?! I asked him barely able to speak tears beginning to stream down my face. He didnt answer he just looked down tears falling even harder down his face. George where is he?! I screamed at him again. He couldnt bring himself to look up at me & thats when I knew. FRED! I screamed running towards the body being surround. NO! I screamed in denial as I threw myself in to the middle of the circle towards the boy I loved. NO! FRED, PLEASE NO!! YOU CANT BE GONE! I LOVE YOU FRED PLEASE! I begged continuing to scream as I began to sob uncontrollably beating my hands on his chest. I looked up at his face, towards his now lifeless brown eyes as I continued to scream & sob. I looked at his face, frozen in what I instantly knew to be his very last laugh. NO! I screamed again, NOT FRED! NO! IT CANT BE! IT JUST CANT! I buried my face in his lifeless chest continuing to sob before I was lifted & dragged away from him. NO! PLEASE! DONT! I HAVE TO STAY WITH HIM! I CANT LEAVE HIM! FRED! NO! I screamed as the person set me down, grabbing hold of me & not letting go! FRED! I sobbed as turned around to face George, throwing myself into his arms & sobbing hysterically. He held me tightly as I continued to sob for a good while. I looked up at him, I cant leave him George! I cant ! I looked up at him pleadingly tears still falling heavily. I know Andy, I know! he replied in a broken voice tears flowing just as hard as mine. I looked at Fred, What am I supposed to do ? I thought desperately, the love of my life is gone I have nothing left. My life is over.

Okay so I know what you guys are thinking. HOW IS THIS A DRACO MALFOY LOVE STORY?! hahahahha be patient & you will find out! its going the way it was ment to so I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter!! Even though I cried while I was writing it!

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