Love Has Drained My Blood

Love Has Drained My Blood

there is this girl Sarah 16 her life is normal until vampires emerge in her life then it all gets stuffed up, there is love between her and her brother Levi 18.

(PLZ comment i need 5 or more to see how it went so i can continue the story).

Chapter 1

mothers death

by: squeela
I never thought that one day my life would change until today im Sarah, my friends and family are strange people to me but i still love them. Anyway i just woke up from the sound of music and the smell of syrup and pancakes. I got up from my bed and got dressed when i walked out into the hallway, i heard someone singing "lets get physical, physical WHOA". i easily new who that was it was my mum singing to her favourite fitness dance music. I started to laugh because she doesn't realise her voice sounds like crap.
when i reached the lounge room i immediately saw mum swinging her hips around in circles she was wearing her favourite 80s pink and green swimsuit with purple leg warmers i nearly puked as i saw half of her swimsuit in her arse crack.
"oh hey honey, your pancakes are ready" she said as she started to move on to her next routine.
"im not even going to tell you its to disturbing um thanks". i said as i ran to the kitchen out of her sight and saw the yummy pancakes.
"maybe later you can join me in some physical activities honey". she said as she got puffed out i just ignored her and sat down to eat my pancake's before they go cold. then as i finished my last pancake as i swirled it in syrup. that was when I heard mother scream, i thought it was just another one of my older brother Levi's prank. He is into pranking lately he pranked me on the phone twice it was classic he pretended to be a creepy postman, you may think this is strange but im in love with my brother Levi i know its gross but i have always loved him and yes in that sort of love anyway i thought it was strange because mother and Levi would be laughing by now.
so i got up from my seat and went to the lounge room. As i reached the doorway i immediately saw a pool of blood on the ground, as i slowly looked straight forward my heart began to pound harder and harder as i saw mother her neck had two bite marks with fresh blood pouring out i was in shock, and tears started to fill my eyes.
i turned my head slowly to the left that was when i saw a strange man about 20 he was licking blood from his lips. I froze at how stupid that idea was that he was a vampire. He started to glare at me revealing his fangs.
"you are a vampire". i said as my eyes widened in fear.
the vampire started to walk towards me, i could feel his every footstep in my head i tried to move but my body wouldn't let me.
i could only watch as he got closer to me. His movement was very fast as his mouth came closer to my neck in a biting motion. Then he grabbed my shoulders, his grip was strong and it hurt.
"You know you smell delicious". the vampire said as he started to dig his fangs into my neck i could feel it puncture through my skin.
Then i saw a flash of white run past me. It looked like the shape of a man but the shape was too fast for me to tell, then a second later a hand ripped through the vampires chest in front of me. Splattering blood all over my face and body i screamed and started to faint, i felt my body falling as i crashed to the floor hitting my head on the coffee table on the way down.
It went pitch black, but i could still hear faint sounds. i heard A mans voice say to me"are you ok Sarah". then i couldn't hear anything else after that.

9hrs later..........


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