Returning To Innocence

Returning To Innocence

This is my first original story. I've moved most of my other stories to Wattpad, but I couldn't bear to delete all these comments and fans!

You can read it on Wattpad, as well!



My name is Lucie.
I was taken when I was twelve, held captive for two years. Now, one year later, life will never be the same.

Chapter 1

Flashbacks, Worry and Screams

His breath is warm as his cracked lips nibble down my neck, far too roughly. I stay still, frozen with fear as the man kisses me again, hard and hungry, moaning in pleasure. He nuzzles my ear, lightly nipping the lobe and then biting harder until it feels as though my ear will swell up in pain. I feel my body shudder as his scabby hands stroke slowly over my breasts and then gradually down to where my womb is until they stop resting over my jean zip. I tremble underneath his weight, just wishing- hoping- for this nightmare to end. Slowly, as though enjoying my fear, the man unzips my jeans and then moves up to my bra strap which he unclasps and throws to the floor under the bed. I try to cover myself up with my bear arms and he stands back, grinning hungrily as he takes in my perfectly built body. His top is already removed, but his bottom half still covered with his own jeans. He mockingly pulls off his jeans, slowly as though rubbing in what he is about to do. Only his pants are left now. My worries are confirmed when he slides them off and then hauntingly approaches me on the bed. I’m too scared to scream now, in case he hurts me so I shiver in anticipation of what this man will do while he chuckles evilly.

“Don’t be scared. I want to enjoy you.” he whispers as he sits on top of me, in an instant turning rough. “Let me enjoy the feast” he ends, gruffly and then he begins to eat.

I sob, but he blocks the noises with another hard kiss, roughly yanking off my jeans. There’s no way I can stop the screams now, as terror rocks my body. I try to escape, but his grip is too firm and he rips off the last piece of clothing I was wearing. Then, he presses his naked body against my own…

“Lucie?” my friend, Anna asks from somewhere above me, worry clear in her voice. “Lucie?”

I feel dazed and sick. I’m on the floor, curled up in a ball, my head buried in my hands and my body shaking with sobs. My face and hands are wet, tears running freely down my face and my tummy feels strange, like I want to throw up but can’t. I look up, my eyesight blurred. The canteen feels stuffy- too stuffy- and there are so many people crowded around my worriedly. My heart is beating so loud and so quickly I’m sure everyone can hear it.

But, in the crowd- there are boys. I know they are not Him but my mind is so scared, so confused that his face appears everywhere, grinning at me. Bearing down on me.

I hear a scream- so high and loud and terrified that it sends shivers through my body. I begin to shake, the tremors wracking all through me uncontrollably. Then I realise who is screaming. It’s me.

My name is Lucie.
I was taken when I was twelve, held captive for two years. Now, one year later, life will never be the same.

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