Fading Moon

Character: Lidia Potter
Hair: Messy short black hair
Eyes: Amber (Pretty rare color)
Lidia is James's twin sister. She is flirty and outgoing, just like James. She is also caring, brave, and loyal. Lidia also has strange dreams that let her see into the future, which can be good and bad at different situations.
Lidia's parents are holding back something from her and James, and they don't have a clue about what it might be.....

Chapter 1


The flash of green light hit me hard in my stomach. I fell to the floor in pain. "Lidia!" I heard James yell from a distance. I tired to get up, but the pain was unbearable! I stopped trying after a while, because I knew I wouldn't be able to. I looked up to the sky.
It was night time, and the sky had stars scattered all over it. I then saw my memories of my past flash before my eyes.

~July 7, 1970~

"Hurry up Lidia! I got to use the bathroom too you know!" yelled James from outside the hall. I was in the bathroom, brushing my hair before we left for King's Cross Station. "I'm almost done James! Gosh, it's not like YOU brush your hair or anything." I finished up, and opened the door of the bathroom. James instantly passed inside, and pushed me out. He then closed the door. "You could have been nicer!" I yelled, while going into our room and getting my dusky brown barn owl named Stokes. I then went down the stairs, put his cage on the coffee table, and went over to the kitchen

"Lidia, are you and James ready to leave?" asked my mum when I entered the kitchen. "I am. James on the other hand isn't." I answered. "What will I do with that boy...."Mum said, shaking her head. "Love me, feed me, take care of me, etc, etc." James answered, walking into the kitchen. I laughed, while my mum smiled and rolled her eyes. James sat down at the table in front of his plate of food. "Did you comb your hair?" I asked, noticing his hair and all the pieces of it sticking up. "Yesh" James replied with a mouth full of egg. "You sure about that? Because it doesn't look like it." I said. "You know how my hair is!" James replied. "True, but you could at least try to fix it." I answered back, eating some of my bacon. "Now, hurry up and eat your breakfast kids. We have to leave soon." Mum said. "Yes Mum." James and I said simultaneously.

We finished up our breakfast, got our things into the trunk of the car, and we left for King's Cross Station.

"Where's Platform 9 3/4 Dad? I can't find it."I asked my father. "Lidia, James, do you guys see that wall over there in between Platform 9 and 10?" he asked. James and I looked at him with confusion in our eyes. "Yeah. And?" James said. "Well, you and Lidia are going to run through it, and then you guys will end up at Platform 9 3/4." he answered. "What!?" James and I said. "Lidia, you will go through with me, while James goes through the wall with you Mum." Dad said suddenly. He took my cart, and we started walking over to the wall. "Ready?" asked my father, while taking my hand in his free one. "I guess...."I answered, looking at the wall.

I closed my eyes shut, and then my dad and I ran straight at the wall.

I was ready to hear the cart hit the wall with a crash, but never heard that sound. Instead, I heard the sound of a train whistle. I opened my eyes, and saw a scarlet train that had Golden letters on the side that read 'The Hogwarts Express". I gasped in amazement, gazing at the train and the crowd of people. I then turned around, and saw James and my Mum come through the wall. James and I looked at each other for a moment and then said in unison, "That was wicked!"

Our Mum and Dad then helped us get our luggage and owls into the train, and said goodbye to us. James and I then got into the train, and started looking for a compartment. We found one in the very back, but it was occupied y a boy with dirty blonde hair and watery eyes.
"Hello! Mind if my brother James and I share this compartment with you?"I asked the boy. He looked up and said "S-s-s-sure." James and I sat on the seats to the right, with me getting the window. James sat on my right, while the other boy was opposite me. "So! I'm Lidia Potter! And he's James." I said pointing at him. "I'm Peter Pettig-g-grew." he replied. James and I started talking, while Peter listened intently.

Then, the compartment door opened, and a shaggy black-haired boy came in. "I'm gonna share this compartment with you guys."he said suddenly, sitting next to James. "I'm Sirius Black by the way. Who are you guys?" He asked. "I'm James Potter, and this is my twin Lidia." James answered. "And I'm P-peter Pettig-g-g-grew." Peter said.
Sirius started talking and joking with James and I, and Peter just laughed. After a few minutes, another boy opened the compartment door. I looked up, and was suddenly lost in the golden brown eyes of the boy that just came in.
"Hello. I'm Remus Lupin. I was wondering if I could use this compartment too." he said. "Um, sure! I'm James Potter, that's Peter Pettigrew, he's Sirius Black, and this is my twin Lidia." James said, introducing us. I suddenly snapped out of the trance, and said hello. I then looked at his face more carefully.

He had light brown, smooth hair, golden brown eyes, and a bit of scars on his handsome face.

He noticed me looking at him, and turned to look at me. I quickly turned my head to the window. The guys started talking, but Remus just took out a book and started reading. Instead of joining into the conversation like I usually do, I looked out the window.

After a while, I then went to the dressing rooms to change into my uniform. While I was there, I met a girl with bright red hair, and emerald green eyes named Lily Evans. 'Hello! I'm Lily, Lily Evans. Who are you?" she asked. 'I'm Lidia Potter. Nice to meet you Lily!" I answered, shaking her outstretched hand. We stood there for a while talking about each other, and what house we wanted to be in. We then took turns changing into our uniforms, and then said good bye to each other and went to our own compartments.
When I got to the compartment, I found the guys had finished changing into their uniforms too. I sat back down in my seat, and started talking with them.

I then felt that somewhere, someone was planning something horrible.........

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