A Crazy Little Thing Called Love [A Percy Jackson Fanfiction]

This is my first PJ fanfiction I've written and I have the pleasure to write it alongside a friend, and brilliant author, Artemis101.

Enjoy! :D


This is the tale of two different girls, from two different times, but with the same problem facing them.
Impossible Love.

Chapter 1

Ivy Dawn Ray ~ When The Monsters Followed Suit

I quickly run through the woods, occasionally sneaking a look behind me at the large gathering of creatures following my path, trance-like. I don’t like this feeling at all. I hate the feeling of eyes on my back, let alone around thirty pairs. I’ve never seen so many monsters together at one place in time. I always knew there was something majorly wrong with me, but I never guessed it would become this extreme. My thirteenth birthday came and went yesterday. My party was an absolute disgrace, somehow an array of random people suddenly appearing in my house that I had never seen before. I couldn’t see them properly then. Until my mother came into the house. She saw through the Mist and explained who… or what was in my home. I could see them then; the mighty, horned beasts, the scaled creatures that licked their purple lips and stalked my actions. There was nothing to do but run, and search in the darkness for a place my mother named Camp Half-blood.

That is how I come to be here, walking through the woods in the early morning, with a group of glassy-eyed monsters trailing my every move. Why don’t they attack? Why do their feet trudge through the air slowly as though wading through a swamp? The answers are a mystery to me. Only yesterday was I celebrating my happy thirteenth. Now here I am, cloaked in mud with only a compass to lead me to salvage. To Camp Half-Blood. For all I know, this could just be a dream. But dreams usually have a fuzzy vision, or faded noises, and I can see everything clearly (or as clear as you can in the dark woods) and I my ears pick up the slightest snap of a twig or the panting breaths of a monster.

There is a small hiss from my right, as a large green creature, with similar shape to a lizard leaps out of the bushes, baring crystal white fangs at my face ready to attack. I whirl around, jumping in fright as she leaps towards my neck. Her eyes are focussed on my throbbing veins, but when I turn, they flicker up and meet my own and understanding and shock register on her scaly face. Half way through the air, she rolls over landing on her back in the muddy grass instead of my neck. I stare with relief but also horror as she backs away and bends down into a hasty bow before joining the platter behind me.
It feels as though my eyelids could close at any minute, like heavy shutters over my eyeballs.

“Keep going. Keep going.” I chant quietly to myself, motivating my feet forward. I glance at the compass. I’ve been travelling east for long enough. Is it possible that I misheard my mother’s words? The only way to find out is to keep going.

And that’s what I do.

I don’t know how long it is before I finally see the small lights of a Camp. I wistfully hope that it is Camp Half blood and I climb a small hill to where I suspect the entrance is. The large gatherings of monsters are still following, their numbers having increased with the nearer I draw to Camp Half-blood. Obviously the monsters can sense the God’s blood in the camp.

My legs are so tired that I suspect they will fall from underneath me at any moment, and my eyes so exhausted that it would be impossible to venture further. I bet my dark blonde hair is like a rats nest around my tired, sweaty face and my clothes torn and dirty from the many falls I took in the Twilight hours.

I wonder- if I fall will the monsters attack? I don’t dare to attempt it, just in case. As I’m getting closer to the Camps’ boundaries, a few kids spot me, yelling in fear and shock and immediately, more kids arrive, their eyes bulging at the site of the monsters. I feel slightly sorry for the monsters, honestly. What could they have done to earn this distrust and hate? Then the teenagers spot me. Some point, some just stare.

“They’ve come to attack!” “She’s the leader!” “Kill them!” they all yell. It hurts my head, and I feel my knees slumping forward. The last thing I see before I pass out is a horse hurling over my body, and then the thundering noises as the monsters begin to attack.

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