Ever heard of songs that seem to sing your life story?

I'm sure there's at least one song that relates to someone's life that people feel mean something to them. There's some songs out there that seem to be almost written for you. So which songs do you feel relate to you the most lyrically?

If you want to write a long piece on your songs (the comments won't really let you do that), then feel free to let me know and I'll let you write a chapter for this.


Chapter 1

My Songs

For me, the top five songs that I think relate to my life are (P.S. You don't have to read these, I'm probably going to ramble on anyhow, lol):

Creep - Radiohead
Reason: The song is basically about feeling like you don't fit into society and wanting to be one of the 'beautiful' people and just wanting to be noticed. Yup, that's definitely me...

Just Like a Pill - P!nk
Reason: This song is more aimed at my mother; she makes me feel like utter beep sometimes and she has never really made me feel better about myself. The lyrics 'Where I can run just as fast as I can, To the middle of no where, To the middle of my frustrated fears' relates more to me just wanting to run away most of the time, to the middle of no where, just get away from all my problems and die in a corner. This song has meant a lot to me ever since I was just 7, it often reminds me of my childhood too simply because of that.

Dance in the Dark - Lady Gaga
Reason: The song (in my opinion) is about feeling insecure and not wanting people to look at your body (e.g. 'Baby loves to dance in the dark, Cause when he's looking she falls apart'); basically it's about having sex in the dark. Either way, this song definitely relates to me.

Mad World - Tears for Fears/Gary Jules (love both versions)
Reason: I know people have come up with 100s of interpretations for this song, but for me, it is basically how people just repeat the same thing over and over every day, they wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, etc. And children feel like they are special with birthdays and what not, but when they go to school, they find they are just a number and the teacher couldn't care less about his/her feelings. It definitely relates to me, I used to think I was special as a child and that the world was a wonderful place with hardly any bad people, but now that I've found out that I'm just one in 7 billion people and 'bad' people outnumber the good people, I'm very disappointed in the truth it is indeed a very 'mad world' for me.

Invisible - Skylar Grey
Reason: This song pretty much has the same meaning as Creep. The only thing I can't relate to it is the opening verse about the pills, hair and self-harming, but everything after that is just completely me; I definitely feel like I'm living in a quiet hell...

I know I'm probably going to seem like a huge emo for listing these songs, but they're just what I feel relate to me and almost seem to write my life story from the ages of 13 upwards.


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