Our Hogwarts

Our Hogwarts

Ashlynn's the perfect Slytherin. rich, and her family is friends with the Malfoy's. She goes there every summer. But why is this one different...
Thanks to Kalie for giving me ideas and info.!

Chapter 1

The characters and their characteristics! lol

by: Kay13
Ashlynn Marie Tonks:
Eye color-dark, steely gray
Hair color-dark blonde
Best friends-Fred, George, Ron, Pansy, Nick, Draco (eventually), Jake, (eventually)
Enemies-Hermione, Harry, Blaise
Fav. class-Potions
Least fav. class-Herbology
Fav. Professor-Snape and Lupin
Least fav, professor-McGonagall
Fav. color-mint green
Qudditch position-Beater
Birthday-December 27
Pets-none, but wants a cat
Blood status-half-blood, wannabe pureblood
Fears-Thestrals, Voldemort
Crushes-Fred, Draco, Lupin
Fav. smells-rain, campfire smoke, cedar trees, chocolate
Dream Job-Auror or beater for the Appleby Arrows
Quidditch #-15
Fav. Quidditch team-Appleby Arrows
Obsessions-socks (though she doesnt show it much) and Quidditch
Nicknames-Ash, Ashy (by Draco occasionaly), Lynn (by Nympphadora)
Patronus-Long-tailed fox
Very close to her aunt Bellatrix
Fav. quote-"the only rule is' dont be boring. Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."

Jake Daniel Simmons
Eye color-bright green
Hair color-brown, with a hint of red
Best Friends-Nicholas, Seamus, Neville, Dean, Ashlynn (eventually)
Enemies-Draco, Slytherins in general
Fav. subject-DADA
Least fav.-Potions
Fav. professor-Lupin or McGonagall
Least fav.-Snape, Binns
fav. color-Orange
Quidditch Position-chaser
Quidditch #-13
Birthday-October 31
Pets-Pgymy Puff-color-black-name-midnight (not talked about much)
Blood Status-MUDBLOOD (woot, woot)
Fears-Hermione finding out he likes her, Bellatrix
Secret crushes-Hermione (awww)
Fav. smells-new books, Crookshanks, etc.
FAv. Quidditch team-Chudley Cannons
Dream job-Auror or professional Quidditch player

Nicholas Regulus Black
Brown, green, and blue eyes (mix)
dark blonde hair (lighter than Ashlynn's but darker than Draco's)
5'4'' as of now
BFF's are Jake, Seamus, Dean, Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Ashlynn
Enemies are Draco, Blaise, Pansy, and sometimes Ashlynn
Fav. Subject is Transfiguration
Least fav. is History of Magic
Fav. Professor is McGonagall
Least fav. is Binns
Fav. color is Purple
House is Gryffindor
Birthday is December 19 (the day Christmas break starts)
No pets, wants an owl
Bloodstatus is halfblood, wannabe mudblood
Afraid of heights and the Hospital wing
Crush on Ron
Fav. smells are colone (you cant know whos yet!), washed clothes, and chocolate
Fav. Quidditch team is the Chudley Cannons (go losers, I think right?! )
Obsessed with messy hair
Nicknames are Nick, Nicki (Which is hated), and Black (lol!)
Has no idea for a dream job

How do you like my characters? They are of mine and my friends Kalie and Christopher's creation. But there is a twist with them! More soon to come! :)

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