Chapter 1


A-avaliable: Yep! :)
B-birthday: October 3
C-crushing on: no one right now.
D-drink you last had: milk!!! XD
E-easiest person to talk to: Me myself and I. We have lots of interesting conversations together! XD
F-fave song : The movie villain medley by paint. (on youtube)
G-gummy bears or gummy worms: gunny worms. I have bad experiences with gummy bears.. O.O
H-hometown: Forest Grove, Oregon. :P
I-in love with someone: nooooo. :/
K-killed someone: If I told you I'd have to kill you.
L-longest car ride: A trip to bremerton, the car ride is sooooooooo freaking long!!
M-milkshake flavor: Vanilla. Classic!
N-number of siblings: 2
O-one wish: The wishes made on 11:11 came true.
P-person that called you last: My brother, 5 minutes ago
R-reason to smile: because I'm alive, and have a good life. :) why would I not smile?
S-song you last sung: Harry Potter in 99 seconds by Paint! XD
T-time you woke up: 6:45
U-underwear color: blue... what was this question for??
V-vegtable: Oooh! Ooh! meeee! Brocoli!!
W-worst habit: I bite at the skin on the sides of my fingernails.. weird right?
X-x rays you have had: Unless you count the ones at the dentist, then lots.
Y-years living where you live: 14 years!
Z-zodic sign: Libra! :D

Random questions:
Spell your names with out vowels: (I'll use my full name, not nickname.) Rly vndyk
What color do you wear the most: Blue
Least favorite color: grey
What are you listening to: My little brother watching Wild Kratts on PBS kids..
Whats your favorite class in school: Language Arts!
When do you start back at school: back in September XD
Are you out going out with someone: no, single and proud!
Favorite pair of shoes: nike 6.0 flannel printed ones
Can you dance: I don't know, I've never really gotten the chance to try!
Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth: No. tried and failed many many times
Can you whistle: Yeah!! :D
Cross your eyes: uh huh!
Walk with your toes curled: yupp

Do you believe in life on other planets: Yes. Dr. Who! XD
Do you believe in miracles: I believe you make them yourself.
Do you believe in magic: Of course!
Love at first sight: Definitly!
Do u believe in santa: I used to. -_-
Do you like rollercoasters: hecks yeah!
Have you ever been on a plane: uh huh!
Have you ever asked someone out: no. I have never gone out with anyone. :)
Have you ever been asked out by someone: yes.
Have you ever been to the ocean: yeah, I live close to the coast!
Have you almost drowned in the ocean: I never go that far in.
Temperature outside: Cold. It looks like rain is coming soon. (of course.)
Radio station you listen to: Z100, 98.7 KUPL, 99.5 the wolf
Last thing you bought: a book.
Last TV show you watched: the simpsons
Who was the last person you took a picture of: umm...IDK my moustache bear?
Ever cried your heart out: yes, when my parents divorced.
Ever cried on a friends shoulder: no, I don't want to bother them.
Cried over the oppoite gender: not yet, and I hope I don't ever have to!
Cry when you get an injury: yes. I try to hold back, but its sometimes no good.
Do songs make you cry: sometimes. definitly. especially when they have to do with death.
Are you a happy person: Yes! :D
Current hair color: Brown with natural highlights.
What are you wearing: a yellow shirt, a red flannel, blue jeans, and white socks
Short or long hair: medium length
Height: 5'7" 1/2

What to do: Sing my heart out as soon as my brother leaves for a football game.


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