Diary of a Crazy

This is not a hunger game story.

This is an original story.

Hope you like it :D
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Chapter 1


White. White is all I see. White walls, white sheets, white clothes, white shoes. The only thing not white is the food, but even that doesn’t have color.
I miss color; the yellows, reds, greens, the different shades, the contrast between how bright they are.

It’s been five years since I’ve seen colors; they are but a distant memory. Distant memories; I have some of those: what my family/friends look like, their names, what they like to do. But the biggest “list” is the forgotten ones: my natural hair color (they bleached it as soon as I got here), what I look like (they have no mirrors), the warmth of the sun, the seasons, dirt, animals, plants, flowers, the list goes on and on. I have only a vague idea of what they look like.
I must endure this alone. No people, no colors, locked in my windowless, box of a room until I die (which will not happen soon) or until they set me free (again which won’t happen in the near future).

Why, you may ask, must I go through this?

The answer is................................................ because I’m crazy.

I have never written in a diary before. If I have that is yet another lost memory added to the list.
I know the general concept: write what you feel, your crush, you darkest secrets. So, that someone can steal it and spread/tell your secrets to the world. Only problem for me is that no one is going to take it away (I have no enemies and no friends), no one comes in to see me, I don’t know anyone so how can I have a crush, and I’m pretty sure the world doesn’t remember me.


The other story i started to write didnt work for me. It wasn't going any where in my mind. I couldn't picture it. So i decided to start this one.


critize especially spelling


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