ABC Questions.

Figured this might make things on Quibblo less dull. XD

Chapter 1


A-available: Basically. XD
B-birthday: October 15
C-crushing on: ...not getting into. (No celebrities though)
D-drink you last had: Water
E-easiest person to talk to: changes from time to time...currently it's probably someone on here.
F-fave song: Again, this one changes a LOT, but currently I think it's Play Dead, by the Birthday Massacre. Or possibly Control, also by them. XD
G-gummy bears or gummy worms: Neither. Candy is horrific tasting s***.
H-home state: New York. Far enough from the bad parts that I don't have to deal with them, close enough that I can pretend to be from there to pick up chicks (I have a bit of a grudge against a friend who did that, which is why I mention. XD)
I-in love with someone: Maybe. I'm not entirely sure. XD
K-killed someone: No.
L-longest car ride: A few hours. Everything else my family goes to by plane. XD
M-milkshake flavor: None.
N-number of siblings: 1 fraternal twin.
O-one wish: To do something that clearly matters, more than any other one act.
P-person that called you last: Actually a friend's mom. She wanted me to get him. XD
R-reason to smile: Amusing things, mostly.
S-song you last sung: The parody of "Not Afraid" done by the Key of Awesome.
T-time you woke up: 3-4 A.M. Like usual. XD
U-underwear color: Grey. waits for awkwardness to kill mood
V-vegtable: I prefer fruit, but...I guess lettuce.
W-worst habit: Tendency to ignore my pragmatic "this is a bad idea" instincts. XD
X-x rays you have had: Jaw and wrist.
Y-years living where you live: Depends on if you mean house or town. I've lived in my town for 16 years, but I've lived in my current house for 6. XD
Z-zodiac sign: Libra.


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