~Dreams Come True~ An Outsiders Love Story

Name:Maddie (Her POV)
BFF's:Megan, Ponyboy, Johnny
Boyfriend:Ponyboy(Chapter 3)
How she looks:Dark brown hair, goes down half her back, dark brown eyes
Personality:Nice, sweet, smart, understanding, good listener, romantic.

BFF's:Maddie, Johnny, Ponyboy
Group: Greaser
How she looks: Black hair, goes down half her back, dark eyes
Personality: Nice, sweet, romantic with Johnny

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Movies- Best Night Ever

Me, Pony, Megan, and Johnny all met at the corner of Picket and Sutton, all going to the Nightly Double, on Saturday, at 10 p.m. Me and Pony weren't even supposed to be out this late, but we snuck out.
I always considered Megan lucky because she was going out with her best friend, Johnny, while I've been counting the days until Pony decided we were meant to be.
I said, "This movie better not take too long. Mom told me if she catches me sneakin' out again I'll be in serious trouble."
Ponyboy replied, "Aw shoot, Darry'll kill me if he catches me. Besides, your mom knows you're a good kid."
It was true. I never snuck out in my life, unless if it involved Pony. Me and Ponyboy did almost everything together.
We all walked to the Nightly Double, and Megan and Johnny were walking hand in hand, while I pouted. Megan and Johnny were whispering to each other, I wonder what they were saying. I think I heard them say "Maddie" and "Ponyboy" a couple times. It didn't bother me, but it bothered Ponyboy, because he started walking a little faster.
We all snuck in, none of us really liked paying for a movie we don't really pay attention to, and we sat in the chairs for all the people without cars. I sat in between Ponyboy and Megan, and Megan and Johnny were sitting next to each other. They always do, though.
Most of the time, Megan and Johnny were talking, while me and Ponyboy were actually paying attention to the movie, which is why we came.
Ponyboy said all of a sudden, "Hey Johnny, why don't ya take Megan to get some Pepsi's."
"Um, okay, Pony," Johnny said, a little confused.
As soon as they left, Ponyboy stared at me for a second, then put his arm around me. I didn't mind, because after all, I did have a crush on him. I put my head on his shoulder, because if he put his arm around me, I didn't want him to think that I actually didn't like him. I never cared if he knew I liked him.
"Hey Maddie," Ponyboy said.
"Huh?!" I said, I was in my happy place, because I felt different with his arm around me, with my head on his shoulder, and all that.
"After the movie, you wanna go watch the stars with me?"
"Well, I might get in trouble," I teased, I was going to say yes anyways, "But oh well. Sure!"
"Great!" I could tell by the way he looked, something was going to happen. We would be more than friends. Which is what I have always wanted.

Megan and Johnny finally came back with four "Pepsi's", they were talking to each other enough to not realize that they got 7-Up's instead. I just drank mine, I didn't really care if it was even water. Ponyboy still had his arm around me, and Johnny started laughing quietly. We didn't mind, I could tell he felt the same way I felt about him.
Before we knew it, the movie was over. I couldn't pay attention to it, because I was thinking of Ponyboy the whole time. I felt different when he put his arm around me. I felt like I had nothing to worry about.
As Ponyboy and I headed to the lot, Megan and Johnny decided to stay and watch the movie a second time. I already knew they were probably talking, or making out. Man, did I wish I had my first kiss. I knew I was gonna get it tonight.
Me and Ponyboy just layed in the grass at the lot, when he said, "Man, this is a beautiful night. Not as nearly as beautiful as you, though."
What he said made me feel different about him. Even though I had a crush on him, I saw him as my friend. I did blush, though. I think it was about 2 a.m.
Ponyboy stood up and held out his hand, and I started blushing even worse, as I reached my hand out and held his. He let go as I got up. Ponyboy seemed happy when we were alone, but so was I.
Ponyboy said, "I know we've been friends for a while now, but I think I wanna be more than friends."
I couldn't help but just stare at him. I reached in for a kiss, I didn't know what else to do, and it was like something forced me to do it. He started walking backwards, leaning up against a tree. He put his hands on my hips, and my hands were tangled in his greasy hair. I felt sparks fly. Next thing I knew, it started raining. All I could think was, "Oh great. This just has to end the best night of my life?" But it didn't. It was the best thing that had happened to me. We didn't even stop for air. I guess it was a pretty bad storm, because I could hear feet stomping in the wet grass. It didn't bother either of us, so we just went on kissing. Someone tapped on Ponyboy's shoulder, then we stopped kissing and opened our eyes.
Pony turned to them and said agressively, "What?" All of a sudden, his eyes were huge.
He said, "Ponyboy Michael Curtis. Get inside NOW."
Now I knew who it was. It was his brother, Darry. Then it was my turn for my eyes to widen. I can't believe he just saw me and his brother making out! He would probably never let us even see each other again.
But then, Darry remembered who I was. All he could say was, "Maddie, I think you should go home. Your mother should be worried sick. You can see Pony later, when everyone else is up."
I couldn't say a word, I was too shocked. I just told them both "goodnight" and went home. Trust me, it was a good night for me.

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