The Glass Runes

The Glass Runes

Fourteen-year-old Tamari has always worn a bandage that wrapped around her left hand. No matter what anyone did, no one could take it off. Still, in a world of slavery and war, that was the least of Tamari's worries.
Until one day, a wizard dabbling in back sorcery cast a release spell on it. And all hell broke loose.

The Glass Runes

Chapter 1

Curse or Blessing

by: _Andreea_
I wiped sweat from my brow and leaned against my shovel, exhausted. I calmed my heavy breathing, trying to take in as little of this poisonous air as possible.

"You!! Why are you not woking?" a guard shouted angrily, craking his whip my way.

I quickly dodged, bowed my head in respect (while cursing at him under my breath), and pushed the metal into the ground again. It was backbreaking work on any day, but inside this cave was esspecially hot and musty. Not to mention that the air was filled with deadly toxins. Of course, the Aerians all had gas masks, if they ever actually came down here. Cursed Aerians.

The guards were Tahmens of origins, like the rest of us. But what Tahmen wouldn't turn against his own kind if it meant another scrap of food. My heart still burned with fury at the thought of us, a once great nation, now just degraded little bugs, waiting to be sqashed by those beasts that call themselves Wielders of the Sword of Light, Proclaimers of the Truth.

The tip of a whip craked across my back. I yelped. I hadn't noticed I had stopped digging again. Luckily, this guard had very bad aim. I looked up and wasn't surprised to recognize the face of a boy my age, who I had seen helping the elderly last week. That was what those accursed Aerians could do to one's soul.

"Get back to work," he threatened, obviously still unaccustomed with the power shift.

After he turned his back I spit in his trail. Traitor.

As I picked up the shovel again I noticed the old woman that had been working next to me drop to her knees. I quickly went to her and offered her what little water was left in my canteen.

"Thank you child," she smiled after she drank, her wrinkled face looking relieved. She drew in a raggedy breath. "But I believe that water may have been wasted on me. Yet it is a happy thing, to know that at least some of today's youth are still pure at heart."

"What do you mean?" I whispered, my arm around her shoulders to keep her from collapsing. I waited for an answer, but then realized she was completely still. Dead still.

A few guards noticed it and shoved me away, grabbing the woman's body roughly and dragging her behind them. I growled, grabbed my shovel, and jammed it into the ground, trying to take my fury out that way. It was the only thing I could do.

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