Forbidden love

This is my third story i hope yall like it leave a comment and tell me what you think and if you want to be in the story

Chapter 1

Bumping into the man of your dreams......

I walk into school and go to the front desk and wait for the front desk lady to stop talking on the phone "May i help you?" She asked looking at me.I stand up and walk over to her and stumble out "Y-y-yes im new here and i dont know where im suppose to go" you say looking at the ground.She shakes her head and looks at the computer "Whats your name?" She asks "My name is Luna knight" I say she looks up the name and grins and prints out my classes and gives them to me and a map and says good luck so i follow the map and get to my first class ~Math o gosh i hate math i hope the teacher isnt to hard on me~ you think and walk in and hand the teacher your note she signs it and points to a seat and you go and sit down and all the other students walk in and look at you and a boy walks over to you and sits down next to you "Hi im jake" He says i look up and gulp "I-i-i-im Luna" you studder out he smiles and look up at the teacher you look at the desk and blush a little bit.The bell rings and you get up and get your books and look up to see Jake "What is your next class Luna?" you look down at your classes and studder out "S-s-s-s-science why?" you ask he smiles and grabs your hand "Because im gonna show you around is why silly" you blush and follow him.You get to the science room and sigh when your teacher puts you in the back of the room you sink down into your chair and listen to the rain outside that starting a little bit after you got to school the teacher call on you and you look up and blink and blush the teacher gives you a look and repeats the question "What is your name and what is a interesting fact about you?" you stand and gulp "M-m-m-my name is Luna and the name Luna means moon and i have a tattoo of flames on my wrists that i was born with" you say sitting down blushing the class looks at you and then looks back at the board class gets over with and you go and put your bag in your locker and go to the lunch room and you get in line and get a apple and a bottle of water and go outside even tho its raining you dont mind you climb a tree and sit and eat your apple and you look down and see a girl and boy arguing under the tree your at and she slaps him and he grabs her and kisses her and she doesnt fight back then after awhile they leave and you jump down and go to the girls bathroom and look in the mirror at your black hair with red and blue highlights and your eyes that are white with hints of red in them you fix your hair and your make-up and walk out and bump into someone and fall over....

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